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  1. This website is Dedicated to Educating Caregivers about the Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Intellectual and Nutritional Needs of the Parrots in their Lives. 

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 Sally Blanchard's 
 Bird Talk Columns and Articles

Sally Blanchard's Book SalesTongue-in-Beak ClayworksColor Pencil DrawingsParrot and Bird Collectibles

Most of these articles are presented as I wrote them before they were edited by Bird Talk. The major difference is in length since I have a tendency to submit articles that are often too long for the space that they have allotted for the column. I have updated most of these columns and articles to reflect my thinking at this time. You will find that this information covers many of the questions that people still have about their companion parrots. 

BIRD TALK Parrot Psychology Column
 Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 1991
 Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 1992
 Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 1993
 Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 1994
 Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 1995
 Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 1996 (partial)
 Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 1997
 Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 1998
 Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 1999
 Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 2000
Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 2001
Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 2002 
Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 2003
Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 2004 
Bird Talk Parrot Psychology Column 2005
BIRDS USA Articles
Parrot Grooming Tips for Owners Tips on Handling and Bathing, Wings and Nail Trimming (1989)
Understanding Parrot Psychology:
The Basics of Nurturing Guidance (1991)
The Five Truths of Parrot Behavior (1992)
Importance of Play-Why Birds Need to Play (1993)
Keeping your Lifelong Parrot Tame-Setting Rules for a Lifetime Pet (1994)
Twenty Tips For Continuing Socialization in the New Home (2001)
Basic Rules for Companion Parrots (2004/2005)
Eight Mistakes People Make with their Parrots (2006)
Is My Bird Normal? (2008)
African Parrots (2012) 
South American Parrots (2012) 
BIRD TALK Parrot Articles 1988-2010
A Day in the Life of a Wild Parrot (November 1988)
The Importance of Toys and Play—The Dynamics of Parrot Play (January 1989)
Trust and Empathy in Parrot Taming—Slowing Yourself Down to Win Your Bird's Trust (January 1989)
The Psychological Importance of Food—Why Birds Need a Healthy Varied Diet (January 1990)
Shake, Rattle & Roll—Parrots and the San Francisco Earthquake Emergency Preparedness (February 1990)
Hand-taming A Timid Parrot—Winning Trust Through Patience and Perseverance (April 1990)
Understanding Maturing Parrots (May 1990)
Don't Spoil Your Hand-fed Baby—A Spoiled, Poorly Socialized Baby Becomes a Pet With Behavioral Problems (July 1990)
 Understanding and Helping Phobic Parrots - Helping a Parrot Who Seems to be Afraid of Everything (August 1990)
 Socializing One-Person Birds—Getting Your Parrot to Accept New People (November 1990)
 Physical & Psychological Household Dangers Around the Holidays (and All Year Round) (December 1990)
Why You Can't Punish a Parrot—Treat the Underlying Causes of Problem Behaviors Rather than Using Quick-fix Punishments (January 1991)
 What Those Screams Mean—Understanding and Working with Problem Screaming (March 1991)
Outsmarting Finicky Eaters—Converting Birds to Better Diets (April 1991)
When a Good Bird Goes Bad—Correcting Behavior Changes Before They Get Totally Out of Hand (June 1991)
The Parrot Learning Process—How Do Parrots Learn from Their Human Flock Leaders? (September 1991)
 Understanding Why Birds Bite—Biting is One of the Easiest Problems to Solve (October 1991)
 Games Parrots Play—Ways that Parrots Manipulate Their Owners by Establishing Their Own Rules (November 1991)
 Be Careful What You Teach Your Parrot—How We Teach Our Parrots to Bite and Scream (March 1993)
Developing Pet Potential - How to Raise the Best Baby Parrot Possible (February 1994)
A Look at Aviculture (September 2002)
Wild in the Home: Setting up an African Greys Cage (March 2007)
Just One More? Pros and Cons of Adding Another Parrot (April 2007)
Summer Screaming (June 2007) 
Dodge the Bite: A Lunge is Never Just a Lunge (July 2007) 
The Little Cockatoos (October 2007)  
Are Large Cockatoos too Smart for their own Good? (June 2008) 
Bath Time Should Be Fun Time
Parrots and their Fascination with Cloth 
Behavioral Problems Often Come in Clusters
Ten Behavioral Problems and Their Symptoms 
Think Your Parrot Hates You? (November 2008)
Diffuse the Bite (August 2008)
Lesser Known Amazons (January 2009)
Food Play and Food Obsessions (January 2009)
12 Steps to an Emotionally Stable Cockatoo (March 2009)
Privacy: Why Your Birds Needs its Space (July 2009)
Keeping Up with Your High-energy Parrot (August 2009)
Trust and Play (November 2009)
Reward Well-behaved Birds with Special Privileges (September 2010)
New World Parrots: What Makes them Unique?   
30 Years with Parrots (March 2012) 
BIRD TALK Medium Parrots Column
 Grey's Noises Annoy (March 2009)
 Standoffish Caique (April 2009)
 Nurturing Guidance (May 2009)
 So Very Grey (June 2009)
 Sleepy Chatter (July 2009)
Columbo: A Shining Example (August 2009)
 Our Conure Friends (September 2009)
Grey Jabber (October 2009)
Four Up and Coming Parrots: The Bodinis, Ducorps Cockatoo, Slender-billed Conure and Yellow-shouldered Amazon (November 2009)
Bitten While Petting (December 2009)
Noisy at Night (January 2010)
Three Levels of Attention (February 2010)
A Few Strange Behaviors in Parrots (March 2010)
Bathing Basics (April 2010) 
Acceptable Screaming (May 2010) 
Getting Past Biting Behaviors by Understanding Them (June 2010)
What is a Medium-sized Parrot? (Written not published) 
 Three Levels of Attention
 A Few Actual Absolutes in Parrot Behavior (August 2010)
 Learning about Wild Parrots (October 2010)
 Absolutes: Six Truths about Life with Birds (December 2010)
BIRD TALK Nature Versus Nurture Column
Wild At  Home: Look to your bird's wild counterparts for answers to why it does what it does.(January 2011)
Perching Instincts: Discover which birds love the ground and which head for the highest perch. (February 2011)
The Food Fanatics: Why your Amazon loves to pig out. (March 2011)
Fledging Instincts: We can learn a lot about our pets from how baby birds are raised in the wild. Domestic baby parrots should be raised as close as possible to the way wild parrot babies are raised.  (April 2011)
Wary By Nature: Parrots are hard-wired to defend themselves. Aggression in the wild and Aggression in the Home (May 2011)
Wild Play: Use your bird's natural behavior to teach tricks. (June 2011)
Sleeping and Roosting in the Wild: Help your companion parrots get a good night's sleep.  (July 2011)
 Social Feeding: Apply Wild Eating Behaviors to Feeding Your Parrot (August 2011)
Night Time Behaviors of Wild Parrots September 2011
Parrot Play in the Wild and in the Home October 2011
Lessons Learned from How Wild Parrots Raise their Young  November 2011 
Taking the Jungle out of the Parrot? December 2011 
BIRD TALK Larger Than Life Bird Stories 
The Spark: A Budgie Story (January 2012)
New Age Lessons Learned from aWild-caught Military Macaw (February 2012)
Giving an African Grey A Chance for Success (March 2012)
Fool Me Once, Shame on you; Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me! April 2012
Interactive Play Builds Trust May 2012
Pick-Up Lines: Secrets of a Bird Sitter June 2012
Kids and Birds July 2012  
Caique on Board August 2012
"Crazy" Cockatoos September 2012 
Dance When I Say Dance October 2012 (Never Published)  
BIRD TALK On-line Articles
 Q&A: Hyacinth Ball and Transitioning Parrots
 Q&A: Various Q&A
 Q&A: Budgie Questions
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