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  1. This website is Dedicated to Educating Caregivers about the Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Intellectual and Nutritional Needs of the Parrots in their Lives. 

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This is a twofold publication:

 . The World According to Bongo Marie at the top of every page

African Grey Care and Behavioral Information is in the red lined side bars at the bottom of the page.

I recommend reading the Bongo Marie Section first and then going back through the publication to read the Care and Behavioral Information.

If you haven't read many of Sally Blanchard's articles in the Pet Bird Report, the Companion Parrot Quarterly, Parrots Magazine, or Bird Talk Magazine or heard her speak, you may not know how special Bongo Marie was. In 1976, this totally wild and very sick runt of a grey came to live with Sally as a rescue. Through intuition, patience and nurturing, Bongo Marie became an exceptional personality-plus companion African grey with an exceptional vocabulary.  It was her relationship with Bongo Marie that inspired Sally to start working with other parrots. She was so successful in winning Bongo's trust, that she knew she could make a big difference in the lives of parrots by helping their people understand how to work with them with the using the ideas that she used with Bongo. These ideas evolved into her trust-building theories of "Nurturing Guidance." Many of these theories are commonly used tools in working with behavioral issues with companion parrots. There is a lot of excellent information in the World According to Bongo Marie

At the bottom of each page (about 1/2 of the book)  is a red sidebar that contains practical and interesting information about the care and behavior of African grey parrots. 

(Sample Page to Right)  

4. Introduction
5. Table of Contents
6. Irreverent Dinner Host 
6. Intelligence and Cognition
7. A Pitiful Grey 
7. All Greys are _____: Absurd Generalizations
8. African Greys Can Be Very Resilient If ...
9. On-the-Job Training 

9. Moody or Sensitive or a Bit of Both
10. Eye Contact:
 Significant Communication
11. Patience is More than Just a Virtue
12. Gradual Eye Contact

12. Clumsy and Awkward: No Way!
13. Greys Like to Be Where the Action Is
14. Food Sensitivities in African Greys
15. Teaching Greys to Talk

16. Wild Behaviors that We Can Learn From

17. Clever Manipulations
17. Greys Don’t Just Turn Mean
18. Grey Bonding: Favored & Tolerated Person
19. Games the African Greys Play

20. An Alarming Development 
20. Sharing Your Secrets
21. Using Labels 
21. The “Fish Bite” Approach to Discipline
22. Responsive Conversation 
22. Realistic Expectations
23. The “Spark”
24. Our Move to California 
24. My Parrot Hates Me
25. Essential Interaction 

25. Turning an Incident into a Pattern
26. Toy Preferences: Greys and Leather
27. Greys and Baths
28. Bongo Marie and Other Companion Animals
28. Toenail Chewing in African Greys
29. A Few Absolutes
30. Atrocious Advice #1
31. An Ornithological Bonding Misconception
32. Visits with Dr. Harris 
32. Socializing Your African Greys
33. Making The Towel Your Grey’s Friend
34. A Few Things That Threaten Greys
35. Help Your Grey Leave the Tunnel Open
36. My Mother’s Friendship With Bongo Marie 
36. The Body Language of Comfort
37. Warning: A Few Risque Stories Ahead 
37. Are Greys “Don’t Touch Me Parrots”?
38. Quick-fixes and Punishment
39. Proper Use of Improper Words 
39. Introducing Greys to Strangers
40. Come Pick Me Up
41. The Most Infamous Bongo Marie Story 
41. Beaks - More Really Bad Information
42. Feather Destructive Behavior in Greys
43. Re-homing an African Grey Parrot
44. Over Two Decades Together

44. Nurturing Guidance is Essential

45. A Serious Health Problem
45. Changes in My Protocol
46. What is PBFD All About?
47. Thank You Bongo Marie
48. A Few Stories About Other Greys
48. Dad, Could I Please Have A Drink of Water?
49. A Very Clever African Grey
50. Some Interesting African Grey Facts
52. Nutritional Basics for African Grey Parrots

53. Getting a Grey to Eat a Healthier Diet
54. Some African Grey Parrot Humor.

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