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  1. This website is Dedicated to Educating Caregivers about the Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Intellectual and Nutritional Needs of the Parrots in their Lives. 

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 The Companion Parrot Handbook by Sally Blanchard
is the most respected parrot information source on the market today!

AKA: The Happy Bappy Funbook

by Sally Blanchard

The Second Edition: Updated with NEW Information and NEW Illustrations
Price Lowered if You Order it from the Companion Parrot Online Website
New Out-of-the-box Copies - $30.00 includes shipping and handling to USA

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Using Nurturing Guidance To Create The Best Companion Parrot Possible

Illustrated with drawings and cartoons by Jeff Riebe and Sally Blanchard



This 8x10 - 244 page parrot handbook deals with establishing the guidance which creates the best companion parrot possible. Contains many useful tips for raising young parrots, and for working with adult birds who need behavioral guidance. Sally Blanchard’s Companion Parrot Handbook is essential for all parrot owners for understanding their companion parrot’s behavior, care and diet needs. It's also FUN to read! No Refunds on Books.

Topics Include:

·         Understanding Nurturing Guidance

·         Choosing an Emotionally and Physically Healthy Bird  

·         Setting Up The Parrot’s Environment: The House and The Cage 

·         The Vet Visit and Quarantine Grooming Basics 

·         Preparing the Family 

·         Other Parrots and Pets 

·         Food Issues and Insecurity 

·         The Basics of Nurturing Guidance 

·         The First Day -The First Week -The First Month -The First Year -The Rest of Your Life 

·         Skills to Teach Your Bappy 

·         Nurturing Towel Handling Techniques 

·         Games to Play with Your Bappy 

·         Teaching Bathing Skills 

·         Keeping Parrots Tame to the Human Flock 

·         Introducing Parrots to Strangers 

·         Understanding Basic Behavioral Concepts and How They Apply To Companion Parrots 

·         The Generic Parrot: Basic Anatomy and Function First Aid and Dealing with Emergencies Household Dangers 

·          A Healthy Diet Converting Parrots to A Nutritious Diet 

·          Preventing Aggressive Biting Problems with Birds on Shoulders 

·         Preventing Excessive Screaming 

·         Avoiding Feather Destructive Behavior  

·         Understanding Phobic Behavior 

·         Sexual Behavior in Companion Parrots 

·         Preventing the One-Person Bird 

·         Don’t Spoil Your Hand-fed Baby Don’t Turn an Incident into A Pattern 

·         Life Stages of a Companion Parrot 

·         Conservation and Eco-tourism  

·         Animal Rights and Ethical Considerations  

·         Understanding Taxonomy  

·         Endangered and Extinct Parrots 

·         A Complete Glossary and Topic Index

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