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  Pelican Family, Waders, Shorebirds, Grebes
IMPORTANT - Please Read -  This website is going away eventually and has become very difficult to work with. I am transferring all of my collectibles to ETSY. If you see something you are interested in, I am working to put everything on my Etsy page. You can either go to my ETSY page at: companionparrot.patternbyetsy.com or go to etsy.com and search Sally Blanchard and the name of the item.  If there is something you can't find yet on ETSY please email me: staff@companionparrot.com

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to USA Only 
Pelican Family


Pelican in a Downpour
Charley Harper Signed Lithograph
Framed  13" x 19" Image Size
1500 Issued -1972

Pier Group

Charley Harper Signed Lithograph
16" x 20" image size
1000 issued - 1984

Peter Parnall
Anhinga  Charley Harper
On Canvas  500 issued 1969

Gordon Sennett
Brown Pelican

Harmony Kingdom
Far From Home 2005
Brown Pelicans

Antique Painted
Pewter White Pelican
2 1/4"
(Has had some damage around the neck but it is still very cute!)
Anri Brown Pelican
Hand-painted 2 1/2"
Funky Little White Pelican

4 Yowie Pelicans 
from Australia
All Prices include shipping
to USA Only

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Herondipity  Charley Harper

FRAMED 22" x 32"
1985 500 Issued

Plover Batik
by Pat Rutledge 
(see matching quails

A Genuine Vintage 'Watch Bird" 
Handcrafted by H.W. Wunsch
Made from Watch Parts
This piece has a lot of fun motion to it.
Is it a Heron,  Crane or ?? - 9"  Tall 

Great Blue Heron
Original Watercolor 

Great Blue Heron
Original Drawing
Wendy Morgan
Crane Creek Avocet 
Playing Card Sized Box

James Morin Flamingo

Avocet Painting on 
Round Canvas


Healthy Planet Flamingo


Decoy type Egret

Lomonosov Porcelain Seagull
5 1/4" x 6 1/2"

Shoebill Stork Bronze

Tern Wood Carving

Grey Heron Painted Pewter

Who's Got Who
Green Heron, Frog, Alligator
Greg Peltzer  15" 

Great Crested Grebe 
from England

Water's Edge - Egret
by Greg Peltzer


Sun Bittern Carving 

Common Gallinule
Country Bird Collection

Common Loon
Bottle Opener

Blue-footed Booby
Red-footed Booby

2 White Ibis, 2 Flamingos
2 White Ibis

Scarlet Ibis, White Ibis

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