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  1. This website is Dedicated to Educating Caregivers about the Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Intellectual and Nutritional Needs of the Parrots in their Lives. 

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Education and 
Parrot Related Experiences
- Have had birds as pets from childhood
- Have had parrots since 1976 
- Bird watcher for over 45 years. Observed wild parrots in Costa Rica
- Studied biology, psychology, and sociology in college. I have a B.A. and a Teaching Credential from California State University at Los Angeles
- Studied Ornithology at Central Missouri State University
 Completed the Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology Course in Ornithology. 
- Taught a monthly Companion Parrot Class at the San Francisco SPCA for 5 years  
- Have been featured as a parrot expert on several television shows and in books and other publications. 
- Tamed hundreds of wild-caught parrots of many species. 
- Hundreds of successful in-home, hands on consultations with parrot caregivers 
- Hundreds of successful telephone consultations. 
- Have been invited to speak at every companion parrot convention in the U.S. and Canada. Also spoken at 2 parrot parrot conferences in England.  
- Ran 4 highly successful Companion Parrot Conventions.  
- Wrote many articles for Bird Talk, Birds USA and other magazines from 1989 to 2012 ...  including 4 different columns in Bird Talk; Parrot Psychology, Medium Birds, Nature versus Nurture, and Parrot Stories. I write for the BIRD Talk Annual.  I write for the Ask the Experts column in Parrots Magazine and contribute articles on behavior and parrot species profiles in each issue..
- Have published a parrot magazine from 1991 to 2015. First The Pet Bird Report, then The Companion Parrot Quarterly, and then the Companion Parrot Magazine. 
- Owner of the Companion Parrot Online Website with over 650 pages of parrot and wild bird information. 
- Innovator of many now-common theories of working with companion parrots and their behaviors.  
- Have an unquenchable thirst for information about all aspects of parrots and wild birds and have studied them extensively for close to fifty years. 

Over 40 Years of Experience Helping People with their Companion Parrots!

   I charge $105.00 for a phone consultation. I will call you at a scheduled time and the first hour + long phone call starts with questions about your parrot and the reason you need help. Then I discuss possible solutions for you to try over a week or so. During the second phone call we discuss what happened over the previous week and from that I provide more solutions to the problems. Each situation, each parrot, and each person is unique so I tailor my advice to what you tell me. It is important for clients to let me know how they are progressing with their parrot's behavior either by phone or e-mail.
   To make an appointment for a consultation, send an e-mail to me with your phone number and a convenient time to call you. Once we make an appointment, you can go to Paypal.com and pay $105 to sales@companionparrot.com. or send a check to: Sally Blanchard, PO Box 812, Loveland, CO 80539 or use the button to pay 
. Questions? Email Sally
   Once I receive your payment, I view it as a contract. I start doing a great deal of research on the situation with your parrot and often talk to other people with experience in the field. I create notes and a form for step by step questions I want to ask so that I don't miss important aspects of the situation. This often takes me a great deal of time, Consequently I can't provide a refund for the cost of a consultation. 
   I have been working with parrots for over 40 years and have a passionate interest in everything about them. Over the years, I developed my theories of "Nurturing Guidance" which are practical, common sense ways of understanding why parrots behave the way they do. It also provides ways to prevent and solve behavioral problems of all kinds. I have done hundreds of successful consultations, both in people's homes and over the telephone.
   I have worked with and been successful in helping hundreds of parrot caregivers with the following situations that include but are not limited to:

» New Bird Setup: Establishing Nurturing Guidance and Setting up a Great Environment.
» A Parrot in Control of His Own Life Doing a Bad Job of It!
» Establishing Nurturing Guidance
» Biting and Aggression
» Excessive Screaming 
» Fearful and Phobic Behaviors
» Feather Picking: Behavioral, Nutritional, and Physical Reasons 
» Behavioral and Environmental Feather Destructive Behaviors 
» Bonding Issues: Over-bonding and Creating a Healthy "Buddy-Bond" 
» Sexual Behaviors and how to Prevent and Solve the Problems that they Create 
» Food Rigidity
» Proper Nutrition and Conversion to a Healthy Diet

MY CREDENTIALS: I have lived with companion parrots for over 40 years and have studied everything I can about them. I  have written 20 parrot publications including the Companion Parrot Handbook, which is the most highly respected source of parrot information on the market today. I created a Companion Parrot Magazine from 1991 to 2015 - originally called The Pet Bird Report, the name was changed to Companion Parrot Quarterly in 2001. In 2009, the magazine went on-line and is called the Companion Parrot On-line Magazine. I have been invited to speak at every significant companion parrot convention/conference in the United States and have also spoken in Canada and Great Britain. I started writing articles for Bird Talk Magazine in 1989 and since then wrote dozens of articles for that magazine. I wrote their Parrot Psychology column for over a decade and then wrote columns about Medium Birds, Nature versus Nurture, and Parrot Stories. I also wrote for the Bird Talk annual, BIDS USA. I am now writing for Parrots Magazine as one of their experts and write both behavior articles and parrot species profiles.  I also do a FREE Companion Parrot Newsletter.


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