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In the fall of 1979 when I was still making my living doing my wood sculptures, I had a gallery showing of my work with Charley Harper in St. Louis. I lived in Wichita, KS at the time and had been become close friends with a woman named Helen Brewer. Helen was a bit younger than my mother but became a sort of surrogate mother for me when I lived in Wichita. She collected Charles Harper prints. The minute I saw one, I knew I had found a kindred spirit in the art world and I started collecting his serigraphs. The man was a design genius and his work, like mine, was based more on a minimal perception of the bird rather than great detail. In fact when he was asked by someone to compare his work with Audubon's, he replied, "I don't count the feathers, I only count the wings."  

When I had the showing of my sculptures in St. Louis, I was lucky enough to share the billing with Charley Harper. I took Helen with me so she could also meet Charley and his wife Edie, who was also an accomplished print maker.

From the moment I first met Charley and Edie, I thoroughly enjoyed their company. Just seeing his work, one would know that he had a wonderful sense of humor. We clicked and spent a great deal of the day coming up with bird puns and laughing. I even came up with two titles that he used later. Charley's work could be serious too and each piece came with descriptive prose. His "Pelican in a Downpour" talked about the Brown Pelican and DDT. It was an unforgettable day. Charley even took two of my suggestions and turned them into serigraphs - "Redbirds in the Redbuds" and "Herondiptity." I had a canary names "Serindipity" and the heron version seemed obvious to me!

He went home with my favorite Wood Duck sculpture (to see more sculptures) and I went home with a few more of his serigraphs. I begged Charley to do a parrot - I even suggested the concept of a Double headed-yellow Amazon. To my knowledge, the only parrot Charley did was an early Carolina Paroquet for Ford Times (to the right) and a small depiction of a macaw on a poster. 

He signed a copy of his first book, Birds & Words with these words: 
Charley later wrote on a Christmas card to me that he had attended a show with championship bird carvers. He stated that he was disappointed because unlike the two of us, "they counted all of the feathers and we just counted the wings!" 

A few years after the show Charley and I had in St. Louis, my friend Helen and her husband Joe had a horrible house fire. Helen's collection of Harper prints was destroyed.  I called Charley and asked him if there was any chance of getting a discounted price on some of the prints so I could replace a few of them for Helen. He asked me which ones she had lost in the fire and I gave him a list. A few weeks later, he sent her a package of all of them to her without any invoice. This was one of the most generous gifts that I have ever witnessed in my life and it says a lot about the kind of man that Charley Harper was. Charley died in 2007 at 85 and even though I had not seen him in years, I felt a incredibly profound loss. He was genuinely one of the most delightful and remarkable people I have ever had the privilege to know.

At one time I had many more of his serigraphs but several were stolen and I have sold others. Several of the ones to the right are for sale. 

Charley Harper had many fans and admirers both in the worlds of nature and design. Todd Oldham (the TV design guru) "discovered" Charley a few years ago and has done a sumptuous volume on Charley's work called Charley Harper, An Illustrated Life. I am sure that Mr. Oldham's attention will bring Charley a whole new group of fans. An early book on Charley's work has been reprinted, Birds & Words and a second book shows most of his serigraphs on birds and animals,Beguiled by the Wild 


Until I have this page finished, if you are interested in any of these serigraphs by Charley Harper, you can look them up on their species pages or email me 

Scroll down to bottom see prints by
Ikki Matsumoto 
Charley Harper
Signed Lithograph
On Canvas 13" x 19" Image Size
1500 issued 1972
$1,400.00 includes s/h to US 

Charley Harper
Best Dressed - Wood Duck
Charley Harper
Bluebirds in the Bluegrass
Edition of 2,000  1975
20" x  20"

Charley Harper
Limited Edition Lithograph
1983 Edition 1,000 10" x 13"
Charley Harper
Cool Cardinal
Framed 5 1/2" x 17 1/2"
1974  2,000 Issued
Charley Harper
Eaglelogical Event
Not For Sale
Charley Harper
Hare's Breadth
1978 Edition of 2,500  15" x 20"
Charley Harper 
Framed 22" x 32"
1985 500 issued
$1400.00 includes s/h to US
Charley Harper
1980  1,500 Issued 20" x 20" Framed

Charley Harper
Lovey Dovey
1978  2,500 in Edition
Framed 14" x 14" Image size

Charley Harper
Pelican in a Downpour
Signed Lithograph
Framed 13" x 19" Image size
1500 issued - 1972
Charley Harper
Pier Group
Signed Lithograph
16" x 20" image size
1,000 issued  1984
$900.00 includes s/h to US
Charley Harper
1983  Edition of 1,000
16" x 22" 
Charley Harper
Painted Bunting
1975 1,500 in edition 14" x 16"
Charley Harper
Redbirds in the Redbuds
Framed Image Size 19" x 19"
1980 1500 issued
In the late 1970s I had a showing of my wood sculptures with Charley Harper and suggested this title/subject to him for this print. 

Charles Harper
Limited Edition Lithograph
1971 Edition 750 156" x 20"

Charles Harper
Carolina Paroquet 
Not for Sale

Charley Harper
Charles Harper
1975 Lithograph  2.000 
20" x 16" image size
Framed $325.00

Charley Harper
Mystery of the Missing Migrants
Not For Sale
Charley Harper
Monteverde, Costa Rica Poster
Not For Sale
Charley Harper Early Poster

Charley Harper Spring Poster
Not for Sale

Charles Harper
Birds and Words First Edition
Not For Sale

Beguiled by the Wild
The Art of Charley Harper
Charley Harper
An Illustrated Life
Not For Sale
Limited Prints
by Ikki Matsumoto 
Ikki Matsumoto studied with Charley Harper but, while influenced by Harper, his his own very unique style. 
My favorite bird artist has always been Charley Harper but I really enjoy
the birds of Ikki Matsumoto!
Black-necked Stilt - Ikki Matsumoto
Signed Print  SOLD
Ikki Matsumoto - Great Blue Heron
Limited Edition Print  Signed  /750
Ikki Matsumoto - Anhinga
Limited Edition Print /750  Signed
Ikki Matsumoto - Brown Pelican 
Limited Edition  /750 Print  Signed 
Ikki Matusumoto - Egret
Limited Edition Print Signed /750
Photo to Come 
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