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  My Ex-relationship with John Fisher (AKA The Parrot Monk) and 
  Vicki Pierce of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization

 (Note: If you subscribed to the Companion Parrot On-line Magazine on the NPPO (Nationwide Parrot Place Organization) site in 2009, John Fisher (AKA The Parrot Monk)  and Vicki Pierce of the NPPO illegally refused to give me any records that show your name and contact information when I was removed from their site. Consequently unless you contact me, I will never know about you. I was paid for some of the subscriptions but not all of them. However, I will honor them if you have your User Name from the NPPO site as I do have that information)

By Sally Blanchard

I do NOT recommend the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization for the following personal and ethical reasons.

In the early fall of 2008, John Fisher (AKA The Parrot Monk) of Covenant Parrot Place and Vicki Pierce of the NPPO (Nationwide Parrot Place Organization) began to court me to be part of their planned website. I was treated with utmost respect. John and I became friends and I enjoyed his company a great deal. I had been through some very difficult times and was desperately looking for a way to fulfill my commitment to my Companion Parrot Quarterly subscribers and from what they were telling me it promised to be a positive relationship. It was made clear to me that I could be of great benefit to the site because I am known and respected by many people in the world of parrots. While some people were angry with me because of the extensive delays in getting the magazine out, the vast majority of emails I have received were supportive and understanding of the difficult times I had gone through in the last few years.

John and Vicki both made statements to me that they were helping me and seemed to make the point continually that this arrangement was only one-sided. When their site started, they had 0 hits, my Companion Parrot web site has had well over 3 million hits and having been in this business for 35 real years, I am well known. Those two facts alone dismiss their continual statements that it was not a mutually advantageous arrangement with them helping me to the exclusion of me doing anything for them.

After a number of delays, their site went online in June of 2009 and I was 100% committed to doing my part to add value to the site. I added dozens of articles, over 600 graphics, answered questions and made suggestions.

Almost immediately, I began to identify serious problems for me. I had been really naive not to get anything in writing and I truly blame myself for that. I had trusted John but sometimes it is impossible to see a problem until it hits you in the face. While our basic arrangement was that I would place the magazine on the NPPO site for download to my subscribers in exchange for my participation and the value I would add to the site, it became very clear to me that I could quickly lose autonomy over the magazine if I stayed on the site. In emails and during phone calls I brought up the fact that I needed the names of the people who came onto the site to get their Companion Parrot Online Magazines and the people who subscribed to it through that site. John Fisher either ignored my requests or refused to provide me with these names. Vicki Pierce stated that my request for this information involved my own business interests and was not related to the NPPO site. This was absurd and it never had occurred to me that I would be denied this essential information that I needed to maintain my own subscriber list. The day after the site went on-line I demanded that John provide me with the names of my subscribers signing onto the site. Some of my subscribers have been with me for close to 20 years and I wanted to know who had found me on their site. In regards to my demand to know subscribers by other than anonymous user names John wrote;

“We can talk more about this by phone with you, Vicki and I. If this is unacceptable to you, then I understand if you want to pull out from this project and remove yourself and your content. I am sure there are ways to deal with all of this, and there are definitely ways to deal with the people, including mandatory moderation required, etc., but out of respect for you and your work, I will (though it would hurt and be very unfortunate) support you if you want to drop this and do something else.”   Sent to Sally Blanchard by John Fisher in an email 6/16/09

What he wrote may sound polite but even the idea that he would suggest that I leave the site rather than agree to give me the names and contact information of MY subscribers upset me a great deal. I had already provided them with my entire email (about 5,000 names) database for the purpose of letting my subscribers and customers know where they could find the magazines so they could continue their Companion Parrot subscription. I had also provided extensive support for both the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization and Vicki  and their site on my web site. For example, I did an educational chat with the few NPPO members who were interested in education for several months.

Within a short time, John’s attitude towards me became patronizing, impatient, dismissive, imposed upon, and even angry. I had not previously seen the overwhelming controlling aspect of John Fisher’s personality before. On three separate occasions he shrieked at me on the phone when I made requests or asked questions. I did not appreciate John’s screaming tirades and felt it was very inappropriate behavior. It became very clear to me that the site was not going to be as promised to me and that I could quickly lose any control of my new Companion Parrot Online Magazine. I consulted with a lawyer friend and showed her all of the emails I had received and her advice was clear, “get out of there before you lose complete control of your information and your magazine.” I made a list of aspects that were extremely important to me if I was to stay on the site. I stated when I presented them that if they couldn't be met of guaranteed that I would have to leave the site by Monday July 27th. None of these requests were unreasonable from a business of legal perspective. They were: 

 1.  If I remain a “special contributor” instead of a “founder” and "secretary" as I had been described initially, I want my role defined in writing. Whatever my role is, I want it defined in writing.

 2. That my questions and opinions will be listened to with respect and without imposition, impatience, and/or screaming.

 3. I want a written and signed document that if I chose to leave the site at any time for any reason, that I will be allowed to remove my entire content (graphics and writing) on the site without any delay or problems.

› 4. That I will receive a monthly statement of ALL of the new Advocate (subscribers to the Companion Parrot On-line Magazine) members and their contact information and a financial breakdown of $24.00 per subscription as promised with a check sent to me automatically by the 5th of each month.

› 5. That every decision would be put in writing and not simply through verbal discussion in conference calls, where there would be no record of anything anyone said. John insisted on phone conference calls. These had become a serious problem for me because of his incredibly angry and controlling attitude.

› 6. If I am no longer categorized as a founder or an officer of the site, I see no reason that any of the money that is due to me for subscriptions should go towards promotion or advertising. (At this point, John Fisher had been changing my access to parts of the site and my title on the site on a daily basis.)   

.7. That if I leave the site, I will be given the names and corrected e-mail addresses of ALL of the people who have subscribed to the magazine so that I can fulfill their subscriptions.

            8. That the NPPO (Nationwide Parrot Place Organization), John Fisher, and/or Vicki Pierce will not use the names on my email list for ANY reason.

I was blocked from the site on Monday, July 27th.

I was actually quite relieved because there were quite a few other reasons that I didn’t want to stay on the NPPO site. One was that I had been encouraged to provide articles from many knowledgeable parrot people to add value to the site. I have always supported other parrot writers who have positive information. As I did so, it became an issue as Vicki Pierce, the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization director, made it very clear that she did not want contributors to her site who were not involved in her organization.

The NPPO site had been presented to me as a non-commercial, no advertising; non-profit organization yet as time went by, it became clear to me that its major purpose was as a promotional tool for the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization to the exclusion of anyone who might seem to be competition. I was informed by Vicki Pierce that the articles of quality breeders and bird shop owners who wrote for the Companion Parrot Quarterly were not welcome on the NPPO site. She also stated in a phone conversation that she thought that articles about rescue were inappropriate.

In addition to this, as I found out more about the way the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization did business; particularly the fact that the new member instructions for raising and hand-feeding babies came in a notebook and there was no practical experience. Novices hand-feeding baby parrots has always been problematic. When I finally received a list of the breeders that the baby birds came from for the members to raise, I was also appalled that several of them were breeders I would have never recommended. One breeder ignorantly insisted that Hyacinth macaws should be fed NOTHING BUT Pretty Bird; It is my educated opinion that feeding nothing but this food with its artificial coloring and chemical nutrients would create serious health problems especially for a Hyacinth with its special nutrition needs. I have also talked with people who regret buying into the NPPO because they have purchased birds that were sick from NPPO recommended breeders. Some of these birds died and buying these sick birds has put their own birds at risk. Vicki Pierce has done nothing to help the Parrot Place members who have purchased sick birds who have died and she takes no responsibility for these situations. Vicki Pierce and the NPPO (Nationwide Parrot Place Organization) charge people a great deal of money for an idea that sounds good on paper but ultimately is, in my opinion, not worth the people's money and is not a positive program for parrots and aviculture. 

Over the years I have been duped by a number of people that I wish I had never associated with. Since I tend to trust people far too readily, I do fault myself for getting into this situation without doing much more research and demanding a written legal contract. In retrospect, I believe that I would never have become involved with John Fisher, Vicki Pierce and the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization if I hadn't been so anxious to fulfill my responsibilities to my subscribers. I now follow the idea that if it sounds too good, it probably isn't good at all.

As I began to see the negative aspects of the NPPO, I did not want to become an advertising shill for that organization. For several months I gave my time and expertise to provide an educational chat for owners of various Parrot Place Locations. I know there are a few Parrot Place locations that do a good job with their babies because I talked with them on the chats. I can’t vouch for all of them because their actual training can be very minimal. I will support some of them individually but I no longer support the parent organization (the Parrot Place or the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization) in any way whatsoever. 

I would have left the NPPO quietly to do my own thing and the parrot public would never have heard much about this from me, except for the fact that I left that site and that I didn't have the names or contact information of people who had subscribed to my magazine through the NPPO site. After all, on June 16th the day after the site went online, John had stated that he would support my leaving the site

However …

On Tuesday July 28th, the NPPO sent out a message to all of the names on MY email list telling them that they would be receiving a communication from them in the next few days. It also stated that they were planing legal action against me, which was clearly a ploy to suggest that they had the right to do so because of my actions. In talking with a lawyer, it was clear to her that they had absolutely no legal grounds to sue me. I had provided this list to them solely to let people know where they could get the Companion Parrot Online Magazine. John Fisher and Vicki Pierce knew this and using my own email list to try an discredit me was not only unethical but illegal. 

On Wednesday July 29th, John Fisher and the NPPO sent out a second message to MY email list. I believe this was highly unethical and am seeking legal consul to determine if it is also illegal behavior on the part of the NPPO. My lawyer has told me I definitely have a lawsuit in regards to the use of MY email data base to send a libelous e-mail about me. I showed this information to my lawyer friend and she stated that I had an absolute right to sue them but unfortunately I did not have the funds to pursue legal action. 

I certainly never would have provided MY email list so that it could be used to malign me to my own customers. John Fisher sent them a mean-spirited diatribe about the situation as if he wasn't the one writing it. His rant was full of lies and exaggerations that were clearly intended to paint me as a megalomaniacal, money-hungry, diva who had used and betrayed them - again suggesting that they had a reason to take legal action against me. This, in itself, is a substantial lie as they had absolutely no legitimate cause to sue me but they created a legitimate reason for me to sue them. As a result of their e-mail, I received about a dozen very nasty e-mails from gullible people who clearly believed his lies.

I have carefully gone through all of my written communication from John and the NPPO and have found clear evidence that the great majority of points John Fisher made to discredit me in this email were libelous misrepresentations. For example, he wrote that I tried to dominate the organization by demanding that I be a founder and a moderator, yet when we were starting to promote it, I asked him to give me some suggestions about what I should say to my subscribers. This is an excerpt from an email from John Fisher sent to me on February 1, 2009, four and a half months before the site went online:

“(ok this is a little blurb spoken as if I was Sally Blanchard)  I am very proud and excited to not only be a part of this new development, but one of the founding and sponsoring members helping to drive the activities of this new site." I think you get the idea here - we want to make people operate under the idea that Sally Blanchard is founding and sponsoring member (as is Vicki, John & Emily) and that you are KEY to helping determine the direction and path of the organization.  And obviously you will communicate this as you believe best, I just wanted you to know you have liberties here that others will never get.  You are special - :)” Sent in an email to Sally Blanchard from John Fisher 2/1/09

John Fisher and Vicki Pierce of the NPPO continue to use MY email list in an unethical (and most likely illegal manner) to promote their website. (That particular site went down within a few months) If they were just sending their mass emails to people from my email list who had actually signed up for their site, I would not have a complaint. However, they are sending to every valid email on my list. This includes many people who never signed up for their site and at least a dozen or so people who have contacted me and have demanded to them that they remove her from their mailings yet they still receive them. I am hearing from various people that through phone calls, letters, emails and internet forums that John Fisher, Vicki Pierce (and her 
anonymous boyfriend Derron who is MacawMan on lists) continue to present themselves as the injured party in this situation by making negative statements about me.  

In the meantime, John Fisher set me up by making it impossible for me to contact anyone who subscribed to the magazine when it was on that site. I have been paid for some of those subscriptions (not all of them) but I never received an accounting of who subscribed when I was paid. All I have is their user names from that site. If the people who subscribed on that site provide me with their user names from that site, I will definitely honor their subscriptions whether I had been paid for them or not.

I have told the absolute truth in this article. I can’t believe that any thinking person, who knows me, has heard me speak, has read a word I have written, has visited my website over the last 12 years, or has read this message could still believe that I am the diva who John Fisher (AKA the Parrot Monk of the Covenant Parrot Place) wrote about in his malicious, hypocritical email. He tried to paint me as having treated the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization in an unethical manner. However the facts show that his behavior and actions have been unethical, self-serving, and even illegal. From my experience, John Fisher (AKA The Parrot Monk of the Covenant Parrot Place and the NPPO) is anything but the nice guy he projects when you first meet him.

I would also add again that due to my experiences and her practices Vicki Pierce and her Nationwide Parrot Place Organization is not a business that I would ever recommend. I totally regret my association with the NPPO because of ethical concerns. Most of all, I regret giving Vicki Pierce and the NPPO any credibility as it is my opinion that Vicki Pierce makes promises to people that she doesn't keep after she takes their money. 

(I continue to maintain a file with the emails that back up every statement I have written in this article)   

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