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  1. This website is Dedicated to Educating Caregivers about the Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Intellectual and Nutritional Needs of the Parrots in their Lives. 

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»The first link will refer you to information about articles about that parrot family or species on the website and in Pet Bird Report, Companion Parrot Quarterly and Companion Parrot Online Magazine issues, etc.

»The second link will take you to the information about that parrot family or species in the Parrot Species Profiles section of the Companion Parrot Online Website.

 African Grey Information

» African Grey Parrot Species Profile

 Amazon Information

» Amazon Parrot Species Profiles
 Australian, Asian, and Indonesian Parrots Information

» Australian, Asian and Indonesian Parrot Species Profiles
Brotegeris information

» Brotegeris Parrot Species Profiles
Budgerigar Information

» Budgerigar Species Profile
 Caique Information

» Caique Species Profiles
Cockatiel Information

» Cockatiel Species Profile
 Cockatoo Information

» Cockatoo Species Profiles

 Conure Information

» Conure Species Profiles
Conure (Pyrrhura) Information

» Pyrrhura Conure Species Profiles
 Eclectus Information

» Eclectus Parrot Species Profiles
Great-billed Parrot and other Tanagnathus Information

» Tanagnathus Parrot Species Profiles
 Hawkhead Parrots Information

» Hawkhead Parrot Species Profile
Lories and Lorikeets Information

» Lories and Lorikeets Species Profiles
Lovebird Information

» Lovebird Species Profiles
 Macaws Information

» Macaws Species Profiles
 New Zealand Parrots Information

» New Zealand Parrots Species Profiles
 Parrotlet Information 

» Parrotlet Species Profiles
 Pionus Information 

» Pionus Parrot Species Profiles
 Poicephalus (Senegal Family) Information

» Poicephalus Parrot Species Profiles
 Psittacula (Ring-neck Family) Information

» Psittacula Parakeet Species Profiles
 Quaker Parakeet Information

» Quaker Parakeet Species Profile
South and Central American Parrot Information

» Miscellaneous Mexican, Central and So. American Parrot Species Profiles 
 Vasa Parrot Information

» Vasa Parrot Species Profile
 Wild Birds of the World Stories & Articles 

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