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  1. This website is Dedicated to Educating Caregivers about the Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Intellectual and Nutritional Needs of the Parrots in their Lives. 

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Parrots made EZ - 14 New Publications!
Stuff You Need to Know about Your Parrots
A Series of Inexpensive Publications about Important Aspects of
Companion Care and Behavior 
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Sally Blanchard's Parrots Made E-Z publications are a combination of  new and original material for the publication,
updated articles from the PBR/CPQ,
and updated information from the Companion Parrot Handbook.


ATTENTION: I am a one-person business and I usually send .pdfs or mail items on Wednesday or Thursday so if your order comes in after these days, it will be sent out the next week. I try to get it out earlier but that is not always possible. Thank you for your order! I have to send out .pdfs, they are not sent automagically. If you e-mail me about your order, please don't put a Paypal hold on an order without giving me a day to answer your e-mail and then send your .pdf to you. If you have any questions  e-mail Sally

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Stuff You Need to Know About Parrot Quality Socialization for Baby Parrots and Young Parrots
34 pages 
.pdf Version (sent by e-mail) - $9.79 

Topics include: Teaching Babies their Physical and Emotional Skills to Adapt to Life as a Companion Parrot, Games to Play with Your Young Parrot, Encouraging a Young Parrot's Curiosity and Intelligence, Problems with Production Breeding, Myths and Misinformation about "Spoiling" Baby Parrots and more


  NEW -
Stuff You Need to Know About Parrot Companion Parrot Body Language

25 pages 
.pdf Version (sent by e-mail) - $8.95 

Topics include: Comfort Behaviors, Pre-aggression and Aggressive Postures, Pre-screaming behavior, Communicating with Color, Play postures, Initiating Play and more.

Stuff You Need to Know About Parrot Anatomy and Grooming
25 pages

.pdf Version (sent by e-mail) - $8.49 

Topics include: Basic Anatomy of a Parrot's Body, Digestive System, Uropygeal gland, Facts about Feathers, Facts about  Parrot Eyes and Vision, Facts about Parrot Legs and Feet, Facts about Parrot Beaks, Positive Grooming Techniques for Wings, Toes and Beaks, Blood feathers, Making the Decision to Trim Wings or Not, and more ..

  Stuff You Need to Know About Aging and Elderly Parrots
14 pages
.pdf Version (sent by e-mail)

Topics include: Tips on Helping Your Parrot Become a Healthy Senior Psittacine, How to tell if your parrot is getting old, Concerns about Proper Diet, Lifespans of various parrot-family birds - probable, average and potential ... and more ...

  Stuff You Need to Know About Companion Parrot Behavior
24 pages
.pdf Version (sent by e-mail) -


Topics include: What Makes your Parrot a Parrot, It's Never the Parrot's Fault, A Few Absolutes about Parrot Behavior, The Three Levels of Attention, Anticipation of Need, Rules for Letting Your Parrot on Your Shoulder, The Importance of Stick Training, Basic Principles of Parrot Behavior and How They Apply to Our Companion Parrots, Twenty-five Concepts of Nurturing Guidance.   

  Stuff You Need to Know About Companion Parrot Care
28 pages
.pdf Version (sent by e-mail)

Topics include: Optimizing the Environment, Things that Shouldn't be Done Without Serious Consideration, Setting up Your Parrot's Living Area )Including Cages, Play Gyms, Food Bowls and Foraging, Privacy Needs. Toys, Perches, Swings, Sleeping Cages, Lighting, Humidity, Air Cleaners, Outdoor Aviaries), Keeping Your Parrot Emotionally Healthy and Safe, Household Dangers and Toxins, Play and Toy Safety, Basics of Bathing and Showering, Basic Grooming for Parrots,  The Psychological Importance of Food

Stuff You Need to Know About Your Parrot's Emotional Health: Including Helping Fearful and Phobic Parrots
25 pages
.pdf Version (sent by e-mail)

TOPICS INCLUDE: Important Concepts with Fearful and Phobic Parrots, Keeping your parrot emotionally healthy, Preventing Fearful and Phobic Behavior, The Results of Poor Early Socialization, Re-socializing a Fearful Parrot, Introducing New Situations to a Fearful Parrot, The Difference Between Fearful and Phobic Parrots, The Chair Exercise, the Neutral Room, Teaching Your Parrot Self-soothing Techniques, Social Security, Some Success Stories and more...

   Stuff You Need to Know About Feather Destructive Behavior
28 pages
.pdf Version (sent by e-mail) -

TOPICS INCLUDE: Basic Feather Information, Preening and Normal Feather Loss, Molting, Feather and Skin Care, Grooming, Blood Feathers, Possible Causes and Possible Cures, Possible Physical and Environmental, Nutritional Causes, Don't Feed a Gimmick Food, A Quality Healthy Fresh Food Diet,  Humidity and Bathing, Lighting and Clean Air, Allergies, The Need for Stimulation, Injury and Trauma, Behavioral Considerations, Poor Early Socialization, Sexual Behavior and Feather Picking, Pluckers are not Necessarily Unhappy!, Ignore the Picking, Working with a Phobic or Traumatized Parrot, Amazon Foot Necrosis, Mutilation, Is There Hope?

  Stuff You Need to Know About Keeping Your Parrot Healthy
21 pages
.pdf Version (sent by e-mail) -

TOPICS INCLUDE: The Not Always Signs of Parrot Dis-ease, Noticing the Symptoms of a Sick Bird, If Your Parrot Is Sick and Needs Treatment, Your Veterinarian's 'Perchside' Manner, Finding a Real Avian Veterinarian, A C.A.S. is Not a Veterinarian, Quarantine Issues, Fomites as Disease Transmitters, Basic Information about Specific Diseases and Health Problems in Parrots, Household Dangers and Toxins

Stuff You Need to Know About Nutrition and a Healthy Parrot Diet
31 pages
.pdf Version (sent by e-mail)

TOPICS INCLUDE: The Psychological Importance of Food,  Basic Nutrition for Caregivers, Parrot Diets and the “Idiot Factor”, Sally Blanchard’s Famous ‘Glop’ Recipe, More Logical Thoughts on Diet,  Steps for Converting Your Parrot to a Healthier Diet,  The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen,  The Fresh Ingredients in a Healthy Balanced Parrot Diet,  Just Say “No” to Peanuts, Foods that are Bad or Even Toxic for Parrots 

PART I: Stuff You Need to Know About Parrot Play: Intelligence & Toys 
31 pages
.pdf Version (sent by e-mail)

Spiral-bound printed version - $18.99 (includes shipping to US only) 

Topics include: Play and Toy Safety, How Play Shows Intelligence in Parrots, The Psychological Importance of Play, Play as a Way to Build Trust, Developing Curiosity Through Play,  Don't Confuse the Initiation of Play from a Parrot for Aggression

  PART II: Stuff You Need to Know About Parrot Play: Instructional Interaction - Building Trust Through Play
19 pages 
.pdf Version (sent by e-mail) -

Topics include: The Importance of Parrot Play to Build and Maintain Trust, Life Skills to Teach Your Young Parrots, Distracting Negative Behaviors by Teaching Positive Behaviors, Games to Play with Your Parrot, Games Parrot Play with Us

Stuff You Need to Know About Sexual Behavior in Companion Parrots 
24 pages
.pdf Version (sent by e-mail) - 

Topics include: Important Concepts in Understanding Sexual Behavior, Triggers for Sexual Behavior in Companion Parrots, What Sexual Behavior in Companion Parrots Looks Like, Preventing and/or Slowing Down the Sexual Cycle, Why it is Dangerous for your Parrot to Get Stuck in Hormonal Overload, Positive Handling during the Sexual Cycle, Possible Problems in Egg-Laying Companion Parrot Hens with an Emphasis in Cockatiels, and more ...

Stuff You Need to Know About Screaming Behavior in Companion Parrots
24 pages
.pdf Version - 
$8.49 (sent by e-mail) 

Topics include: Easy to Prevent Harder to Solve, Parrot Vocalization is Communication, Noise Tolerance, The Human Element, Raucous Good Time Parrots, Anticipating Noise Patterns, Immediate Cause and Effect, Understanding Contact Calls, #1 Problem is Screaming for Attention, Anticipation of Need, Changing the Person First, Bad Advice Creates More Problems than it Solves, Trying "Everything", A Trade-off, Greetings and Farewells, The "Primal Psitta-Scream", Repatterning a Parrot Not to Scream, On the Street Where He Lived, Unspoiling a Cockatoo, Noisy Playtime is Important, The Technique of Noise Substitution, Changing Negative to Positive, Instructional Interaction, Self-soothing and Comfort Behaviors, Quick Disapproval - NOT Punishment, An Emotionally Secure "Bappyhood", Dependent Independence, Permanent Changes are Not Easy, Screaming Basics: Unacceptable Screaming, Screaming Basics: Acceptable Screaming

  Stuff You Need to Know about the Parrot/Human Bond - COMING
   Stuff You Need to Know about Poicephalus Parrots (The Senegal Family) - COMING
  Stuff You Need to Know about Psittacula (The Ringneck Family) COMING
   Stuff You Need to Know about Conures - COMING

   Stuff You Need to Know about Conures - COMING
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   Winning the Trust of Re-homed and Rescue Parrots .pdf
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