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A  Complete (?) List Of Sally Blanchard's Published

Companion Parrot-Related Articles
(Over 550 articles over 30 years) 

Including Sally's Books, The Pet Bird Report, Companion Parrot Quarterly, Companion Parrot Online Magazine, Birds Talk, BIRDS USA and others ...

If a topic exists in the world of parrots, chances are Sally has written about it!

Companion Parrot Handbook
The Beak Book

Companion Cockatoos
Companion Caiques 
Companion Amazons
Winning the Trust of Re-homed Parrots
Companion Parrot Vocalizations: Excessive Screaming and Talking
Feather Care and Feater Destructive Behavior
Companion Parrot Humor
Beharioral Section of The Large Macaws by Joanne Abramson 

»Stuff You Need to Know about Elderly Parrots and Aging
»Stuff You Need to Know about Anatomy and Grooming
»Stuff You Need to Know about Companion Parrot Behavior
»Stuff You Need to Know about Communication: Body Language and Vocalization
»Stuff You Need to Know about Companion Parrot Care
»Stuff You Need to Know about Emotional Health: Fearful and Phobic Behavior
»Stuff You Need to Know about Feather Health and Feather Destructive Behavior
»Stuff You Need to Know about Keeping Your Parrot Healthy
»Stuff You Need to Know about Nutrition and a Healthy Diet
»Stuff You Need to Know about Play I: Intelligence and Toys
»Stuff You Need to Know about Play II: Instructional Interaction
»Stuff You Need to Know about Screaming Behavior
»Stuff You Need to Know about Sexual Behavior 


PBR #1
Goals of the Pet Bird Information Council and Pet Bird Report
RARE and the Caribbean Amazons
The Spinning Macaw Commercial
Vitamin A-Why, What & How
"Finger Tame" Your Parrot
Qualities of a Good Bird Shop I
PBR #2

Species Profile: The African Grey Parrot
Common Myths about African Grey Parrots
A Healthy Parrot Diet I
Talking and Intelligence in African Grey Parrots
Feather Plucking in African Greys
We Take the Parrot Out of the Jungle ...
The Importance of Early Socialization
Qualities of a Good Bird Shop II

PBR #3

Species Profile: The "Excitable" Amazons
Amazon "Overload"
Qualities of a Good Bird Shop III
A Healthy Parrot Diet II
Amazons and Noise
The Selling and Buying of Smuggled Birds
A Pet Parrot Isn't For Everyone
How to "Pick Up" a Parrot 
Social Bonding and Imprinting
PBR #4

Soft Eye/Evil Eye Using Eye Contact to Communicate with your Parrot
Covering the Cage
Species Profile: Caiques-The Bird That Would Be King
Why I Recommend Certain Breeders or Pet Shops
Socializing Parrots
PBR #5

Assertiveness, Dominance, Discipline, Control:
     Are These Really Nasty Words?

Bad Pet Shops: What's A Person To Do?
Grooming: Your Bird Will Still Love You
PBR #6

Phobic Feather Picking
How's Your Bappy?
Bird Toy Safety
PBR #7

The Importance of Cage Dominance
Little Bird Lost
Giving Your Parrot A Bath
PBR #8
(available as back issue)
Life Stages of A Pet Parrot
Introducing Your Parrot to Strangers
My Bird Won't Eat That!
PBR #9

The Two-faced Parrot: Understanding Changes in Parrot Personality
Bappyopoly: A Game About Raising A Healthy Happy Sociable Pet Parrot
Bedtime for Birds
PBR #10
(available as back issue)
The Parrot Information Maze: Myths & Misinformation
The Most Important Word In The English Language: UP
PBR #11
Protecting Your Parrot's Emotional Growth
Parrot Personality Generalizations
The Not Always Subtle Signs of "Dis-ease"
PBR #12
Should Your Pet Be A Breeder?
Setting Up Your Parrot's Home
A Request for Accurate Information
PBR #13

Behavioral Quick Fixes and Why They Don't Change Bad Behavior
There Is No Such Thing As A TOTAL DIET For Parrots
Budgies: The Most Popular Parrot In America
PBR #14

What's Wrong with African Greys? What's Right with African Greys
Our Altricial, Nidicolus, Psilopaedic Bappies
Trust Building Towel Handling Techniques
PBR #15

Companion Parrots as Mirrors of our Moods and Energy
A Response to Bird Trainer Steve Martin
Tips on Keeping Your Amazon Tame
PBR #16

The Bond Between People & Parrots
An Introduction to Pornithology: Understanding Your Parrot's Sexual Behavior PBR #17 (available as back issue)
PBR #17
Bringing Out the Personality of Shy Parrots
Handfeeding Traumas In Young Macaws
PBR #18 (oop)
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Excessive Screaming but Were Afraid to Ask Because You Couldn't Hear the Answers
Patterning A Parrot to Accept Change and To Do Tricks
PBR #19
The Realities of Amazon versus Amazon Myths and Generalizations
So You Think You Want Another Pet Bird?
An Editorial on Aviculture & The Keeping of Companion Parrots
PBR #20
(available as back issue)
Will You Still Have Your Parrot in Five Years?
PBR #21
(available as back issue) The Parrot Behavior Jigsaw Puzzle: An Overview of Nurturing Guidance
An Essay on Parrot Computer Boards, Opinions, Behavioral Credentials and Credibility
PBR #22
(available as back issue)
Winning Back Trust in Phobic Birds
The Bird Toy Biz: A Parable
PBR #23 (available as back issue)
The Complexities of Feather Picking
An Essay on Pet Loss and Grief
Spikey LeBec: The Celebrity Caique
PBR #24
(available as back issue)
Making an Intelligent Parrot Purchase
PBR #25 (available as back issue)
Beak Power: To Bite or Not To Bite
PBR #26
(available as back issue)
Understanding the Parrot/Human Bond
Parrot Diets and the "Idiot Factor"
PBR #27 (available as back issue)
An Editorial: Where is the Love?
Turning an Incident into a Pattern
PBR #28 (available as back issue)
Basic Parrot Personalities Part I
PBR #29
Basic Parrot Personalities Part II
Don't Spoil Your Cockatoo
PBR #30
(available as back issue)
Parrot Cages: Creating a Total Home Habitat-Etiquette, Logistics, & Accessories
PBR #31
(available as back issue)
Do No Harm: Editorial about Avian Veterinarians
Questions To Ask Breeders Before You Buy
PBR #32
(available as back issue)
Sexual Behavior in Companion Parrots
ARGH! An Editorial about Breeder Advertising
PBR #33 (available as back issue)
Really Bad Advice & Why it doesn't Work
Zinc and Your Parrot
PBR #34 (available as back issue)
Basic Tools for Keeping a Parrot Tame & Healthy
Adventures in Costa Rica
PBR #35
(available as back issue)
The Myth of the "One-person Bird"-Preventing a Parrot from Establishing an Exclusive Bond
Introducing Your Parrot to Strangers
Not So Subtle Mimicry
PBR #36
(available as back issue)
The World According to Bongo Marie
Raising Blue and Gold Macaws Together
Problems with Food Coloring
Getting a too Playful Grey out of his Cage
PBR #37
(available as back issue)
Bringing Bappy Home
Humorous Fiction: The "Eggs" Files
"Strange" Cockatoo Behaviors
Converting Parrots to Pellets
PBR #38
(available as back issue)
Basic Behavioral Characteristics: How They Apply to Life with a Companion Parrot
Umbrella Seduction
Nature versus Nature
Cage Contentment
PBR #39
(available as back issue)
The Last Companion Carolina Paroquet
Instructional Interaction: Working With Your Parrot Should Be Fun, Not Work
Living with Multiple Parrots
PBR #40
(available as back issue)
Punishment: Why It Doesn't Change Negative Behaviors
A Discussion of Dominance as Authority
PBR #41
(available as back issue)
Give Your Parrot A Job
Serendipity and Epiphany
Corn In The Parrot Diet
No Connection-Parrots and Lung Cancer
PBR #42
(available as back issue)
The Selling and Buying of Unweaned Parrot Chicks
African Grey Foods
Nocturnal Cockatoo
Feeding a Total Diet-Not a Good Idea
PBR #43
(available as back issue)
A Tribute to Bongo Marie
What's So Greyat about Greys?
Why is your Grey Biting?
Punishing a Blue-front
Unstressing a Green-winged Macaw
PBR #44
(available as back issue)
Editorial: Companion Parrots and Flight-Balancing Idealism & Reality
Screaming in Amazons
PBR #45
(available as back issue)
Recognizing Progress In a Fearful African Grey
PBR Writer's Guidelines
PBR #46 (available as back issue)
Biting: Getting Past the Fear
Editorial: The "Poultrification of Parrots"-Has the Bird Biz Shot Itself in the Foot?
Diet & Behavior
PBR #47
(available as back issue)
Comfort Behaviors and Repetitive Negative Self-stimulation
PBR #48 (available as back issue)
Testing The Status Quo
Pet Bird Report
PBR #49
(available as back issue)
Homage to Amazons
Explaining "Strange Behaviors"
PBR #50
(available as back issue)
Editorial: Transitions in the World of Companion Parrots
Teaching Parrots Self-soothing Techniques
Don't Feel Guilty If You Don't Need To!
PBR #51

Well Spoiled or Spoiled Rotten?

CPQ #52
The Syntax of Aggression
A Problem with the Media - O Magazine ad/Cage Size  
CPQ #53
Six Skills Your Parrot Should be Taught
Working with a Companion Parrot Behavioral Consultant
Handling Multiple Relationships in a Parrot Home
Thoughts about Mutilation

CPQ #54
The Three Levels of Attention Your Parrot Needs
Creative Chaos at the CPQ Office
Friends of the Caique
Seed versus Pellets Revisited
How Can We Help Parrots?

CPQ #55
The Few Absolutes about Companion Parrot Behavior
Dealing with Hard-core Aggression
Ethical Policies of the CPQ: Difficult Decisions to Make

Hormonal Overload as a Cause of Health and Behavior Problems
Friends of the Mini-macaws: Bojo - Always Smiling
CPQ #56
Understanding Sexual Behavior in Companion Parrots
Take Time to Give a Parrot a Chance
Friends of the Lory: Gypsy and the Poker Chips
I Read it on the Internet
In Regards to Tails
What Would Sally Do?
Memorable Parrots Making Friends: My Mother and a Hyacinth Bappy

CPQ #57
The Psychological Importance of Food
Synopsis of Information from the 2002 CPQ Convention
A Grey Going Through a Stage
Memorable Parrots: One Very Clever Grey

CPQ #58
What you need to Know about Feathers
Thoughts about Ethics, People Who Know Everything, The Bird Industry, Hoarding, rescue Organizations and other Stuff
My List of Guiding Principles
Training in Bathrooms and Bathtubs - Bad Idea!
Feather Picking - Let's Not Forget the Obvious
Memorable Parrots: A Hyacinth at my First Bird Show

CPQ #59
The Importance of Stick Training
The Chair Exercise for Fearful Parrots
Getting Older with My Parrots

CPQ #60
Editorial: Companion Parrot Terminology
Parrot Eyes and Vision
What I Have Learned about Macaws
Some Thoughts about Parrot Language and Talking
Looking for a Young Parrot?

CPQ #61
Basic Nutrition for Parrot Caregivers
Screaming Revisited
Friends of the Conures: My Slender-billed Conure Twiggy
Setting Up a "Treetop" Habitat from your Ceiling

CPQ #62
In a Perfect World
Stuff Your Parrot Wants You To Know: Parrot Legs, Feet and Toes
Roxi-anne - Journal of a Serious Injury

A Parrot Weekend in Colorado
Snippets: Colored Pellets, Sweet Potatoes, Guilt, West Nile,
    Displacement Behaviors

CPQ #63
Maintaining Cage Tameness
Roxi Adjusts to Her New Life on One Leg
Dealing with Parrot Burn-out
Laddering and the Evil Eye: Not Punishment

CPQ #64
When the Honeymoon is Over
A Few Observations about Eclectus
Friends of the Bugie: Mickey Fin - My Childhood Buddy

CPQ #65
Is There Really a Problem with Parrot Overpopulation?
Don't Make Your Parrot do Anything He Doesn't Want to Do ... Good     Advice or a Misunderstood Recipe for Disaster?
Making Waves ... Making a Difference - My Life in "Aviculture and My
   Weekend at the AFA"
CPQ #66
Biting Revisited: The Easiest Problem to Solve
Why Parrots Become Extinct

CPQ #67
Ideas for Setting up Your Parrot's Living Area
Friends of the Double-Yellow Heads: Paco, Rascal and Pascal

CPQ #68
Fearful Behavior in Companion Parrots
The Most Destructive Parrot as an Easy-care Pet?
Friends of the Cockatiel: The Come-on

CPQ #69
Rules for Letting Your Parrot on Your Shoulder
An Essay on Why I Think What I Do, Creativity, Rigidity, Parrot
   Intelligence, Operant Conditioning, and Why I Am Not a
Rascal Finds a New Home
Change in a Grey's Behavior
What the Heck



CPOM #72

»Play and Toy Safety 
Its Implications for Companion Parrot Keepers 
Its Implications for Companion Parrot Keepers 
The Most Important Part of the Human/Parrot Bond 

CPOM #73

»Parrot Ornithology 101 - What Makes a Parrot a Parrot?
Arranged Alphabetically by Family
»Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Parrot?
»TAXONOMY: What’s in a Name?

CPOM #74

»WHAT’S GOING ON? The Importance of Feedback
»Basics of Grooming
Ten Behavioral Problems, Symptoms and Possible Solutions
»EDITORIAL: An Enemy of Aviculture, Who Me?

CPOM #75
»Just A Few Examples of Parrot Body Language

CPOM #76: Featuring Elderly Parrot

Trusting the Pet Industry and Dangerour Products
»Some Basics Involving Elderly Parrots
»SENIOR PSITTACINES: Possible, Probable, and Potential Life Spans for Various Species
»Converting Parrots to a Healthy Diet


»My Parrot Food Project
»A Few Nutritious ‘Human’ Food Recipes
»Say NO to Peanuts
»CONVERSION Techniques TO FEED a better diet
»a few ‘human’ foods that are nutritious for parrots
»A HEALTHY PARROT DIET: Fresh Food Ingredients of a
»Nutritious Balanced Parrot Diet

CPOM #78

»Responses to my Parrot Food Project
»PARROT BODY LANGUAGE:What is Your Parrot Trying to Tell You
»Some Basics about Body Language
»Some Basics about Parrot Talking
»A Few Healthy Ideas for Feeding Your Parrot
»THE EGGS FILES: Humorous Fiction

Sally's Articles In Other Publications 

Bird Talk Magazine Articles

A Day In The Life Of A Wild Parrot—Comparing Daily Lives of Wild and Pet Parrots
1/89 The Importance of Toys and Play—The Dynamics of Parrot Play
1/90 Trust and Empathy in Parrot Taming—Slowing Yourself Down to Win Your Bird's Trust
1/90 The Psychological Importance of Food—Why Birds Need a Healthy Varied Diet
2/90 Shake, Rattle & Roll—Parrots and the San Francisco Earthquake Emergency Preparedness
4/90 Hand-taming A Timid Parrot—Winning Trust Through Patience and Perseverance
5/90 Understanding Sexual Maturity in Pet Parrots—Mature Parrots Can Be Great Pets
7/90 Don't Spoil Your Handfed Baby—A Spoiled, Poorly Socialized Baby Becomes a Pet With Behavioral Problems
8/90 Understanding and Helping Phobic Parrots—Helping a Parrot Who Seems to be Afraid of Everything
11/90 Socializing One-Person Birds—Getting Your Parrot to Accept New People
12/90 Physical & Psychological Household Dangers Around the Holidays (and All Year Round)
Why You Can't Punish a Parrot—Treat the Underlying Causes of Problem Behaviors Rather than Using Quick-fix Punishments
3/91 What Those Screams Mean—Understanding and Working with Problem Screaming
4/91 Outsmarting Finicky Eaters—Converting Birds to Better Diets
6/91 When a Good Bird Goes Bad—Correcting Behavior Changes Before They Get Totally Out of Hand
9/91 The Parrot Learning Process—How Do Parrota Learn from Their Human Flock Leaders?
10/91 Understanding Why Birds Bite—Biting is One of the Easiest Problems to Solve
11/91 Games Parrots Play—Ways that Parrots Manipulate Their Owners by Establishing Their Own Rules
3/93 Be Careful What You Teach Your Parrot—How We Teach Our Parrots to Bite and Scream
2/94 Developing Pet Potential—How to Raise the Best Baby Parrot Possible
9/02 A Look at Aviculture
03/07 Wild in the Home: Setting up an African Greys Cage
04/07 Just One More? Pros and cons of adding another parrot.
06/07 How to Deal with
Summer Screaming
07/07 Dodge the Bite: Lunge Biting
The Little 'toos: Rose-breasted, Goffin's and Bare-eyed cockatoos prove that they are larger than life
The Great Manipulator: Are large 'toos too smart for their own good?
08/08 Defuse the Bite
Think your Bird Hates You?
Lesser-known Amazons
01/09 Food Play and Food Obsessions 
Food Play and Food Obsessions
03/09 '
Too Stable 12 Steps to an Emotionally Stable Cockatoo.
07/09 Privacy Please: Why your parrot needs its space. 
Energized Keep up with your High-energy Parrot
11/09 Trust & Play: Play is the way to build a life-long relationship with your parrot.
9/11 Discovering The Four Things That Set South American Parrots Apart
03/12 30 Years of Parrots
7/12  Parrotlets

Need date - Ten Behavioral Problems and Symptoms

Sally did the Bird Talk Parrot Psychology column for close to a decade until her mother became ill and required a great deal of Sally's time. 
10/91 to 02/01 
10/91 Towel Trick, Greys are Vocal, Old Double Yellow-head-New Tricks, Cockatiel in Love with Reflection
11/91 Spoiled Patagonian, Moluccan Releasing Energy, Feather Picking Moustache, Six-Month-Old Congo Biting
12/91 Inactive Cockatiel, Finger Nibbling Blue & Gold,
Lesser Sulfur-crest Starting to Bite When Returned to Cage
Drawing: Vacuum Cleaners & Waterfalls
1/92 Moluccan's Security Cage, Silent Canary
Drawing: Cockatoo Exuberance
2/92 Change in Senegal's Behavior, Establishing Rules for a Spoiled Moluccan, Deep Voiced Grey
3/92 Two in a Cage, A "Bat" Dusky Conure, Memory Capacity of Birds, Rainbow Lory Going Wild, Drawing: Trashing the Food Bowl
4/92 Halfmoon Conure & Meyer's Parrot, Early Risers Greeting the Day, Excitable Shivering Screaming Blue-front
Drawing: Toy Tantrums
5/92 Flying Cockatiel Fatigues Easily, What to Buy-An African Grey?, Two Blue-crowned Conures Bonding, Getting a Conure Used to Traveling, Out of Control Maroon-belly Conure
Drawing: Greeting the Sunrise
6/92 Do Birds Forget Abuse? An Alcoholic Husband and an Amazon, Wants Solutions with Specific Steps—Not Anecdotes!
Two Budgies Not Talking
7/92 A Severe Macaw's Fear of Strangers, Aggressive Yellow-nape Named Killer, Toilet Training A Quaker
Afro-American Woman-Is My Macaw Prejudiced?
Drawing: Championship Wrestling-Lory with Toy
8/92 Citron Cockatoo Biting, Unlocking Toes on Conure
Gaining Goffin's Trust, Zombie Blue-front Bonds to Owner's Friend
9/92 Don't Use Quick Fixes for Nanday Conure Biting,
Feather Picking Grey, Drawing: The Rose-breasted Cockatoo "Roadrunner" of the Parrot World
10/92 Moluccan Mood Change, Husband Uses Abusive Discipline with Amazon, Drawing: Shoulder Territory
11/92 Taming A Neglected Handfed Timneh Grey, General Macaw Information, Sexual Behavior in an Umbrella Hen
12/92 What to do with an Insecure, Force-weaned, Poorly Socialized, and Hyperactive Grey, Is a Moluccan a Good Pet Cockatoo?
1/93 Grey Behavior Change at the Bird Sitters, Toilet Training Reaction to Placing Bongo Over Toilet, Lovebird Mood Change, Wood Chewing Grey
2/93 Depression After Grooming: Wings and Toenails too Short!, Adding a Bird to the Home of a Blue-fronted Amazon, Why Don't Parrots Always Return When They Fly Away?
3/93 Cagebound Blue and Gold Macaw, Husband's Jealousy of Bird, A Talking Mitred Conure
4/93 African Grey Night Frights, The Bird Room as a Living Space
5/93 "Spoiled" Umbrella Cockatoo Not Eating Unless He is Fed, Life Changes for a Senegal,  Drawing: Finger Tame Parrot
6/93 The Balance Between Nurturing and Spoiling, Uncaged Sulfur-crested Cockatoo, Phobic Umbrella Cockatoo
7/93 Good Results with a Wild-caught Blue-fronted Amazon
8/93 Timneh Hanging Upside Down, Setting Rules for Out of Control Birds
9/93 Monster Cockatiel wants to be Friends Again, Perch Training a Back-stepping Macaw
10/93 Poorly Socialized Grey Feather Picking, Night Frights in Cockatiels, Phobic Rose-breasted Cockatoo
11/93 Protective Yellow-nape on Shoulder, Digging Grey Baby, Agitated Budgie
12/93 Does My Umbrella Want Another Bird?, Bath and Blanket Behaviors in a Cockatiel
1/94 "UP" Command Hand Training, Proper Socialization and Food Transitions for Baby Parrots
2/94  A Grey and a Yellow-collar Macaw Adjusting to Change in a Cross-country Move, A High Energy Bite After Jogging, Are Good Talkers Aggressive?
3/94 Plucking Blue-crowned Conure, Bonding in Birds - a Double Yellow-head and an Eleanora's Cockatoo
4/94 Screaming Problem in an African Grey, A Squawking Problem in a Bare-eyed Cockatoo, A Nippy Blue-fronted Amazon, Do You Dislike Your Bird-An Unloved Citron Cockatoo
5/94 Grey Plucking in Portugal, The Importance of Proper Socialization for a Baby Grey
Flock Leader Double-yellow Head, One Person Cherry-headed Conure
6/94 Sexual Behavior in a Moluccan Lory, Biting Yellow-naped Amazon, Cage Placement, Multiple Birds Bonding
7/94 Cranky Blue-fronted Amazon-Does He Have to Go Into a Breeding Program?, Cockatoo Bites When Owner Returns From Vacation
8/94 Phone Ringing Grey is Driving Me Crazy, Taming a Toucanet
9/94 Greys Bonding to Each Other, Getting and Introducing Another Parrot, Confused Blue and Gold and Responsive Severe, Eclectus Toweling to Trim Wings
10/94 Guidelines for Knowing If Advice is Good or Bad, Grey Good on Weekdays-A Beast on Weekends
11/94 Blue and Gold Become Territorial and Cagebound at Independence Stage, Umbrella Cockatoo Wandering, Unusual Grey Behaviors are Not Unusual (Digging, Head stretching, etc.)
12/94 Becoming a Two-bird Family, Helping a Lonely, Neglected Parrot 
1/95 Scarlet Making Holes In Everything, Timneh Pet Potential, Wean Parrots Abundantly
2/95 A Macaw Chewing for Attention, The Importance of Greeting A Meyer's, A Commuting Grey
3/95 Dispelling the Amazon Myths, A Grieving African Grey
4/95 Potty Training Parrots, Caique Characteristics, An Appeal to Breeders to Teach the "UP" Command
5/95 Choosing a Cage for a Young Grey, Becoming a Parrot Psychologist, Hahn's Macaw Love Triangle with New Boyfriend
6/95 Regaining a Meyer's Parrot's Trust, Feather Shredding Grey
7/95 Do Macaws Make Good Pets?, Those First Few Months
8/95 Adding a Macaw to an Amazon's Household, Improve Lighting for Feather Condition, Stay Calm with Green-winged Macaw
9/95 "Come Pick Me Up" Wing Fluttering in an Amazon, Blue and Gold Loves to Hide Things
10/95 A Misunderstood Moluccan Screamer, A Biting Parrotlet
11/95 Daydreaming Macaw, Single Lovebird Can Be a Great Pet, Uncuddly Grey
12/95 Pinching Toes to Stop Biting-An Ineffective Aggressive Quick-fix
1/96 Choosing The Right Bird, My New Grey Hates Me
2/96 Bathing Fears in a Grey, Overload Behavior in a Tres Marias Amazon
3/96 Finger Chewing Macaw, Well-socialized Cockatiel
4/96 Quick Fixes Create More Serious Problems for Biting Umbrella Cockatoo 
5/96 Amazon Mood Swings
6/96 Myth About Military Macaws, Winning the Trust of an Unloved Conure
7/96 Taming and Training Pionus Clutch mates
8/96 To Talk or Not To Talk-Amazon Won't Talk To Me, Repairing the Bond with a Moluccan Cockatoo
9/96 Feather Picking in a Parrotlet, African Grey Disturbed by Change-Don't Create a Rigid Routine
10/96 Weaning Trauma in Baby Parrots
11/96 Misbehavior is Often Temporary, Birds are affected by Owner's Mood
12/96 Teaching a Parrot to Talk
1/97 15 Ways To Teach Your Parrot to be a Good Pet
2/97 Mutilating Moluccan
3/97 Proper Nutrition and Eating Behaviors 
4/97 Height and Dominance Theories
5/97 Do You Need to Breed Your Birds?
6/97 Develop Your Bird's Pet Potential-Yellow-collared Macaw
7/97 Learn to Work with a Phobic Parrot
8/97 Keeping a Baby Parrot Tame
9/97 The Exception to the Rule-Wing Trimming
10/97 The Importance of "UP"
11/97 Raising a Well-behaved Cockatoo, Taming a Macaw
12/97 Non-talking Grey at 8 months
2/98 Is Beaking Behavior OK-Beaking and Biting: Not the Same
3/98 Handling the Second-hand Bird
5/98 Dealing with a Screaming Umbrella Cockatoo
6/98 Too Calm Cockatoo, Parrot Behavior Compatibility
7/98 Tips to Tame and Train
8/98 Ways for Breeders to Socialize Young Parrots 
9/98 The Game of Hit and Run and Overload in a Severe Macaw, Feather Picking Grey
10/98 When a Parrot Challenges Your Authority-Blue and Gold Macaw, Special Cage for Sleeping
11/98 Helping Phobic Birds
12/98 Caique Behavior, Just about any Parrot is a Good First Bird for an Educated Buyer
1/99 Is Eye Contact A Threat?, Will A Smaller Cage Tame This Macaw?
 A Rose-breasted Cockatoo as a New Pet
4/99 Feather Picking Amazon
5/99 Buying An Older Bird
6/99 Minimize Biting Behavior
7/99 Silence the Screaming, Which Cockatoo Species Should I Get?
8/99 How Long Should I Handfeed? Tips for Successful Food Independence
9/99 My African Grey Doesn't Like Me
 A Beak Rubbing Habit, Is My Bird Afraid of Me?
3/00 Adopting A Rescued Bird
4/00 Dealing With Sudden Fearful Behavior in a Senegal Parrot
6/00 Mimicry or Conversation: Do Parrots Really Understand What They Are Saying?
7/00 Which Bird is for Me? A Macaw or a Cockatoo?
8/00 Answer That Ringing Parrot!
9/00 Successful Food Independence (Weaning)-A Matter of Time
11/00 Coaxing a Parrot From His Cage
12/00 The Parrot Puzzle
02/01 The Truth About African Greys 
04/01  Be a Teacher, Not a Boss
06/01  How to Become a Flock Member
08/01 Keep Your Parrot on its Perch
10/01 Sexual Behavior in Birds
12/01 Caring for a Second Home Bird
02/02 Dealing with Phobic Behavior
04/02 Amazon Deserves Second Chance
08/02 Solve Behavioral Feather Picking 
09/02 Sally Blanchard Bio
10/02 Bird Room Alternatives
12/02 What We Know Now
02/03 Never a Dull Conure Moment
04/03 "Monster" Baby Macaw
06/03 Socializing a Mature Macaw
08/03 Small Amazon, Big Appetite White-front Amazon
10/03  A Traumatizing Incident
12/03 Fostering Parrots
02/04  My Cockatoo Attacks my Guests
04/04  A Lovebird's Love
06/04  Adding a Companion
09/04  Reclaiming the Neutral Room

03/09 Greys Noises Annoy
04/09 Standoffish Caique
05/09 Nurturing Guidance
06/09 So Very Grey ...
07/09 Sleepy Chatter
08/09 A Shining Example: Columbo
09/09 Conure Friends: The Big Little Parrot
10/09 Grey Jabber: Talkative Greys
11/09 Three up and coming: Bodini'd, Ducorp's and Slender-billed Conures
12/09 Bitten while Playing: Avoid the bite by staying focused on your parrot
01/10 Noisy at Night: Some Parrots Chatter the Night Away
02/10 Attention Getters: The Three Levels of Attention
03/10 Parrot Quirks: People and Parrot Watching A Few Strange Behaviors in Parrots
04/10 Bath Time Should be Fun
05/10 Acceptable Screaming in Parrots
06/10 Clothes Encounters: Parrots and their Fascination with Cloth
07/10 Parrot Behavioral Problems Often Come in Clusters
08/10 Little Birds with Big Personalities  Fight the Bite: Avoid this serious situation by stopping bad patterns 
09/10 Parrot Priviledges: Reward parrots for good behavior to avoid a spoiled-rotten pet bird.
didn’t print10/10 Medium Birds:  Little Birds with Big Prsonalities Average it out? 
10/10 Don't Give Up On A Picky Eater:  Get your parrot eating healthy, fresh foods.
11/10 Your Bird's Diet Depends On You - Take charge of what your bird eats.
12/10 Parrot Absolutes: Six Truths about Life with Parrots


1/11 Wild At  Home: Look to your bird's wild counterparts for answers to why it does what it does.
2/11 Perching Instincts: Discover which birds love the ground and which head for the highest perch.
3/11 The Food Fanatics: Why your Amazon loves to pig out.
4/11 Fledging Instincts: We can learn a lot about our pets from how baby birds are raised in the wild. 
5/11 Wary By Nature: Parrots are hard-wired to defend themselves.
6/11 Wild Play Behavior: Using a Parrot's Natural Behavior to Teach them Tricks
7/11 Not all Bites are Bites: Learn the Specific Reasons a Parrot My Use His Beak for Communication
8/11 Social Feeding: Understanding How Parrot Eat in the Wild Helps us Understand Their Eating Behaviors
9/11 Night Night: Birdie Look into your Parrot's Wild Habits to Help Them Get a Better Night's Sleep
10/11 Time to Play
11/11 Understanding the Way Wild Babies are Raised

LARGER THAN LIFE: Parrot Stories Column

1/12 The Spark
2/12 Patience Pays Off
3/12 New Age Lessons
4/12 The Jokes on You
5/12 Interactive Play
6/12 Pick-Up Lines
7/12  Kids and Birds
8/12 Caique on Board
9/12 Crazy Cockatoos

1989—Parrot Grooming Tips for Owners
Tips on Handling and Bathing 
Wings and Nail Trimming 
1991—Understanding Parrot Psychology
The Basics of Nurturing Guidance 
1992—The Five Truths of Parrot Behavior
1993—Importance of Play-Why Birds Need to Play
1994—Keeping your Lifelong Parrot Tame-Setting Rules for a Lifetime Pet
1995—Basic Training for Companion Parrots-Setting Basic Rules
2001—Twenty Tips For Continuing Socialization in the New Home 
2006— Eight Mistakes People Make with their Parrots
2012 – African Parrots
2012 – Central and South American Parrots
2013 -  Helping Your Veterinarian Help Your Parrot
2013 - Play Time and Independent Play

2014 - 
2013 - Three part series on PARROT INTELLIGENCE
2013 - Panel of Experts

Sally Blanchard has also had articles published in Bird World, Parrot World, Parrots Magazine, Psittascene, Pet Age and several other bird and pet related publications.  

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