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  1. This website is Dedicated to Educating Caregivers about the Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Intellectual and Nutritional Needs of the Parrots in their Lives. 

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I have given well over 100 programs about companion parrot behavior and care over the last 30 years. I have spoken at every significant companion parrot convention in North America (Including Canada) and organized
 conventions through the Parrot Behavioral Information Council. Although I have cut down on the amount of speaking I have done in the last few years, I am eager to continue a limited number of speaking engagements. My requirements include a speaker's fee (negotiable to some extent depending on the situation) and payment of transportation costs (airport shuttle and flight) and animal care requirements. I have no problem staying at someone's home with two exceptions: no smoking and no birds in the room I sleep in. For more information and/or to arrange a program or seminar, please contact me at staff@companionparrot.com. Please provide your phone number and a good time to reach you and I will get back to you to discuss a possible speaking engagement. 

 Check back for other speaking times ...
Education and 
Parrot Related Experiences
- Have had birds as pets from childhood
- Have had parrots since 1976 
- Bird watcher for over 45 years. Observed wild parrots in Costa Rica
- Studied biology, psychology, anatomy and sociology in college. Received B.A. in Art and Teaching Credential from California State University at Los Angeles
- Studied Ornithology at Central Missouri State University
- Completed the Cornell University Laboratory Ornithology Course.  
- Taught a monthly Companion Parrot Class at the San Francisco SPCA for over 5 years. Also taught regular parrot classes at other Humane Societies in the SF Bay Area
 Have spoken at the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine on 3 occasions. 
- Have been featured as a parrot expert on several television shows (NOVA) and in books, magazines, and other publications. 
- Successfully tamed hundreds of wild-caught parrots of many species. 
- Hundreds of successful in-home, hands on consultations with parrot caregivers 
- Hundreds of successful telephone consultations. 
- Have been invited to speak at every significant companion parrot convention in the U.S. and Canada. Also spoke at 2 Companion parrot conferences in England. 
- Ran 4 highly successful Companion Parrot Conventions in Oakland, CA and in Minneapolis, MN.  
- Wrote many articles for Bird Talk, Birds USA and other magazines from 1989 to 2012 ...  including 4 different columns in Bird Talk; Parrot Psychology, Medium Birds, Nature versus Nurture, and Parrot Stories. I also wrote for several other now defunct parrot publications. I am still writing for the Bird Talk Annual. I now write for Parrots Magazine as one of their experts.
- Have published a parrot magazine since 1991. First The Pet Bird Report, then The Companion Parrot Quarterly, and now the Companion Parrot Magazine .pdf 
- Owner of the Companion Parrot Online Website with over 660 pages of parrot and wild bird information. 
- Innovator of many now-common theories of working with companion parrots and their behaviors.  
- Have an unquenchable thirst for information about all aspects of birds and parrots and have studied and shared the information about them extensively for over forty-five years. 
 I sculpted birds from rare hardwoods for over 20 years. I now do Tongue-in-Beak Claywork Caricatures and Color Pencil Parrot Portraits. 

Over 38 Years of Experience
Helping People with their Companion Parrots!

I have been working with parrots for over 35 years and have a passionate interest in everything about them. Over the years, I developed my theories of "Nurturing Guidance" which are practical, common sense ways of understanding why parrots behave the way they do. These concepts also provide ways to prevent and solve behavioral problems of all kinds. I have done hundreds of successful consultations, both in people's homes and over the telephone. I have worked with and been successful in helping parrot caregivers with just about every aspect of parrot behavior and care. In my speaking programs and seminars, I can cover a specific topic or discuss several of the following topics. I like to add an in-depth question and answer session at the end of my program. 

» New Bird Setup: Establishing Nurturing Guidance and Setting up a Great Environment.
» The Importance of Early Socialization and why its concepts should be continued throughout the parrot's life. 
» A Parrot in Control of His Own Life Doing a Bad Job of It!
» Establishing Nurturing Guidance To Build and Maintain Pet Potential
» How Instructional Interaction through Play Builds Trust
» Solving and Preventing Biting and Aggression
» Solving and Preventing Excessive Screaming 
» Preventing and Getting Past Fearful and Phobic Behaviors
» Feather Picking: Behavioral, Nutritional and Physical Reasons
» Behavioral and Environmental Feather Destructive Behaviors 
» Bonding Issues: Over-bonding and Creating a Healthy "Buddy-Bond" 
» Sexual Behaviors and how to Prevent and Solve the Problems that they Create 
» Food Rigidity
» What's Really in our Manufactured Parrot Diets and are they really that healthy for our Parrots?
» Proper Nutrition and Conversion to a Healthy Diet


I have been interested in wild birds since I was a child and have always done bird/parrot related art of one kind or another. I have lived with companion parrots for over 38 years and have been fascinated with them since meeting the first one. I continue to study everything I can about them. 

I may have been one of the first parrot 'rescue' ... much of my experience with parrots came from bringing birds in need of a good home into my finished garage and taming them and/or working with their behavior, converting them to a diet that included fresh foods, and then finding a good home for them. In every situation, their new caregivers left with extensive behavior and care information. I worked for a period with both a breeder and a bird shop to get more experience with baby parrots and a variety of species. Over the last 35 years I tamed hundreds of wild-caught parrots and have done hundreds of successful in-home and telephone consultations working with every species that is common as a human companion. 

I have published a Companion Parrot Magazine since 1991 - originally called The Pet Bird Report, the name was changed to Companion Parrot Quarterly in 2001. In 2009, the magazine went on-line and is now called the Companion Parrot On-line Magazine. I have written two in-print books, The Companion Parrot Handbook (considered to be the most informative and readable book on the market today) and the Beak Book: Preventing and Solving Aggression Problems. I have also written 20 .pdf publications (https://companionparrotonline.com/Book_Sales.html)

 I taught monthly parrot behavior and care classes at the San Francisco SPCA for over 5 years. I have spoken well over a hundred times throughout the United States over the last 30 years and have been invited to speak at every significant companion parrot convention/conference in the United States and have also spoken in Canada and the UK. (I am also speaking in London in June 2014) 

I started writing articles for Bird Talk Magazine in 1989 and wrote dozens of articles for them until they stopped publishing in 2012. I wrote their Parrot Psychology column for over a decade and wrote columns about Medium Birds, Nature versus Nurture, and a Parrot Stories column. I am still writing for the Bird Talk Annual which will come out early next year. I am now writing for Parrots Magazine as one of their experts. 

My Companion Parrot Online Website is the most comprehensive information source on the Internet with hundreds of articles, an in-depth Glossary of all aspects involving parrots, an illustrated section on Parrot Personality Profiles, a unique Parrot History Section, and much more. 

I have been called controversial because I state my strong opinions about the care and welfare of companion parrots, especially in regards to the damaging production ethics used in raising far too many baby parrots. I am also concerned with ethical questions about the poor care of parrots some breeder facilities. In one situation breeding birds were clearly kept in filth and animal control came to to the breeder's location and confiscated birds. The breeder's enabling friends stated that the photographs by animal control were photoshopped to make the breeder look bad ... totally absurd! Because I was outspoken about this situation, I am no longer asked to speak at some conferences where breeders have control of selecting speakers. However, I believe that no one can challenge my love, respect, appreciation and concern for these remarkable birds.

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