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TOPS Parrot Food

Totally Organics is the only manufactured diet for parrots that I recommend.
It is the only actually ORGANIC pellet and contains NO Menadione, Soy,
Corn, Peanuts or artificial anything.

Did you know that Totally Organics makes a totally organic (no synthetic or chemical anything) pellet called Crumplets? These pellets, for smaller birds, have the same healthy ingredients as the Totally Organic pellets for larger birds. If you have little birds like budgies, 'tiels, lovebirds, linnies, finches and canaries Crumplets are a wonderful source of nutrition for them. The healthy ingredients in Totally Organics pellets are listed below.

TOTALLY ORGANICS  (Review 3/2011)
   As many readers know, I strongly recommend Totally Organics. This is a genuine organic pellet with high quality ingredients without any synthetic nutrients or chemical additives. This is the way pellets should be made ... without a bunch of gimmicks and artificial this and that. When I first gave it to my parrots, there were two holdouts who didn’t eat it right away but now I am happy to report that all of my parrots readily eat this nutritionally healthy food. And the manufacturer acknowledges that it should be fed with fresh foods.
    Gudrun Maybaum has the knowledge to produce a healthy organic food for parrots. If you want to know more about her Holistic Approach to Parrot Nutrition and the nutritional and even medicinal reasons to feed certain foods, I certainly recommend ordering and reading her book, "What Happened to My Peanuts." I have tried to learn as much as possible about parrot nutrition for many years and this book provided me with a lot more usable information

Everybody who orders at least 4 or 5 lb of
any of the Totally Organics products gets
one 1lb of her/his choice for free. Be sure
mention the CPO when you order!

I have written dozens of times that I don't feed my parrots a lot of pellets in their diets. I really dislike the pellets with a lot of artificial ingredients like coloring, fragrances and preservatives. I won't feed them to my parrots because I sincerely believe that they will eventually cause serious health problems if fed on a long-term basis and/or as the majority of the diet. The pelleted diet that I give the highest recommendation to is T.O.P.S or Totally Organics. The owner of the company, Gudrun, is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and the ingredients in the products are all human grade and certified organic. The other reasons I believe in this product is that all of the literature also recommends feeding fresh foods in addition to the pellets.
When you go to the website, be sure and look at the amazing ingredients of this product (listed below)! If you pay attention to health foods, you will know right away how good this product is for your parrots! TOPS also has organic seeds, organic soaking seeds and Tesoro Treats, which my parrots devoured very quickly.

Totally Organics is one of only three manufactured parrot diets that does NOT contain MENADIONE SODIUM BISULFITE COMPLEX - a chemical source of vitamin K3 (not a natural vitamin), which is banned for use in human foods! If anything is banned for human consumption, I don't want to feed it to my parrots. TOPS is also the only manufactured diet that has natural sources for the foods and it has no synthetic chemically derived vitamins and minerals. The nutrition is in the organic ingredients. Totally Organics also has NO corn, peanuts, or soy. All of these have been implicated in health problems for some parrots especially in regards to allergies.   TOPS is also a "cold rolled" pellet which means it is not processed at a high heat like many other manufactured diets (especially extruded  or "crunchy" diets) which lose a lot of nutrition during processing. Have you ever noticed that some of the extruded diets have a greasy feel to them. That is because heat damaged nutrients have to be added as a coating after processing. These coatings can break down and become rancid fairly quickly as compared to the "cold rolled" processing.

Ingredients in Totally Organics
Rice, barley, sunflower seed hulled, alfalfa leaf, sesame seeds unhulled, amaranth whole, quinoa whole, buckwheat hulled, millet hulled, dandelion leaf powder, carrot powder, spinach leaf powder, purple dulse, rose hips powder, rose hips crushed, orange peel powder, lemon peel powder, rosemary whole leaf, cayenne ground, crushed red chili peppers, wheat grass powder, barley grass powder. 

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