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An Early Student of Wild Bird Behavior
    I became very interested in wild birds when I was around 8 years old. I was one of those "why" kids who probably drove my parents crazy wanting to know the why about everything. My father did the painting of me with my beloved budgie, Mickey and a white-throated sparrow on the other side of the window. I wouldn't say I was an actual bird watcher then but I paid attention to birds when they came into my view. I did get my Brownie Scout Bird Badge so I must have known something about them. My grandfather had given me a huge old volume about birds that he had when he was young and this encouraged my curiosity. I still have the book. 
    I became a genuine bird watcher when I lived in Tucson. I lived there for almost 5 years and loved the wild birds there. Who could live in Tucson and not become a bird watcher with all of the incredible and unique species that live in and around the nearby deserts and mountains? Once I got into it, I started a major bird book collection and studied birds intensely. This was also where I started doing my Rare Hardwood Inlay Bird Sculptures, which I did for a living for over 20 years. At the time, I was married to an Air Force officer and we moved to Wichita next. The birdwatching in Wichita was also great because we were near a major flyway and got some eastern birds. some northern birds, some southern birds, and some western birds. I also started to take bird watching trips around the country and had a exhibit of my bird sculptures at the Fuertes Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
It was in Wichita that I met another wood sculptor who happened to have a collection of double-yellow headed Amazons that he and his wife were starting to breed. Paco, my 36 year old Amazon hen was their first baby. As fascinated as I was with parrots, I never lost my love for and curiosity about wild birds and their behavior. Although I have a fairly extensive list of birds that I have seen, I have never really been a "lister" and always found their behaviors more fascinating than putting a check mark next to a bird's name. From the time I was a kid, I wanted to know WHY they do what they do. I took the Cornell Lab Home Study Course in Bird Biology (twice) and when we moved to Missouri, I took an ornithology course at Central State Missouri University taught by a Dr. Hawksley (really!). I have bird watched all over the continental United States, Alaska, Costa Rica, Mexico
, and the area in and around London, England. To anyone reading this who might be able to help me with a connection ... I would love to speak about parrots in Australia! I hope readers will enjoy some of the wild bird stories below and there will be more to come ... 

Sally's Tongue-in-Beak Valentine Cardinal

(Wings form heart on Back)
For a special person you love who loves cardinals!
$60 (inc s/h) 
Baltimore Oriole by
Roger Tory Peterson  

 Wild Bird Collectibles

General Information 
» Who Makes up this Stuff? Bird Call MNEMONICS 
» Why do Birds Become EXTINCT? 
» The Best MIMIC? 
» A Rare and Unusual Bird plus Meeting ROGER TORY PETERSON 
Location Birdwatching 
» Five Birds I'd Like to See in AFRICA 
» ARIZONA DESERT - Barrel Cactus Confrontation 
» COSTA RICA: My Birdwatching Adventures in COSTA RICA
» ENGLAND: Four Birds in One Tree: A Few Days of Birdwatching in ENGLAND 
» New Bird Species Discovered in HAWAII 
» Prairie Chickens and Woodcocks: MISSOURI Ornithology 
» A Poisonous Bird from NEW GUINEA 
» BLUE JAY Wild Bird "ATTACKS": Just Misunderstandings? 
» A Very Unique CARDINAL 
» Why Male CARDINALS Are Red - Fiction by Sally Blanchard 
» Male Cardinal: Is it Narcissism or Territoriality?
» The Ever-Popular CHICKADEE  
» CHICKADEES AND OWLS: MOB Mentality: Who is Really in Control of the Skies? 
» Coming Dear - CROW Tool Use 
» Mesmerizing a GOLDFINCH 
» Convergent Evolution: MEADOWLARK and LONGLAW 
» RAVEN Showoffs 
» ROBINS and WORMS; Does the Bird Hear, See, Smell, or Feel the Worm?  
» Curve-billed THRASHER - Arizona Desert - Barrel Cactus Confrontation 
» Drunken WAXWINGS and an Unusual HUMMINGBIRD Feeder
» No Barbeque this Summer - CAROLINA WREN 
» Four Birds in One Tree: A Few Days of Birdwatching in ENGLAND 
» BEE EATERS: Just How Does a Bird Eat Bees?  
» COLI BIRDS? Four Calling Birds??? 
» ACORN WOODPECKER Defending its Stash
» Why WOODPECKERS Don't Get Headaches: Built in Shock Absorber
» Anting Behavior in Kakarikis 
» Do Budgies Use the Evil Eye?
» About Face: From a Budgie's Viewpoint
» Male Budgie Vocalization: Learning Her Language
» Maroon Bellied Conure: One Bird's Meat
» The Last Companion CAROLINA PAROQUET - Fiction by Sally Blanchard
» GALAHS Playing Around and Around and Around .. 
» Long-billed Corellas: Mama & Papa & Baby Make Three
» Guard Parrots: Don't Take it Personally (Green-rumped Parrotlet Nest Attacks)
» Are FALCONS and PARROTS Related?
» Tool Use in the Palm Cockatoo and the Hyacinth Macaw
» Just Another GOLDEN EAGLE 
» Meeting Hot Shot: The Toddler PEREGRINE FALCONS 
» Are FALCONS and PARROTS Related? 
» CHICKADEES AND OWLS: MOB Mentality: Who is Really in Control of the Skies? 
» The OWL Who Sat Down Beside Me 
» Hospital Hallucinations - VULTURES 
» Aransas in the Fog: WHOOPING CRANES
» REDDISH EGRETS and Canopy Feeding 
» Prairie Chickens and Woodcocks: MISSOURI Ornithology 
» Seeing 'SEA PARROTS' in Alaska 
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