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 I have no more in-print Beak Books available except ones that have have noticeable damage to the cover but with a good inside text condition. If you are interested in one of those, contact me at staff@companionparrot.com

The Beak Book 

The Only Publication Dedicated to Understanding, Preventing, and Solving Aggression and Biting Behaviors in Companion Parrots 

Written and Illustrated by Sally Blanchard -
The Name You Can Trust in Parrot Information

With a section on first aid for parrot bites by Ellen Selden Schrieber, M.D. and Brad Selden, M.D.

The Beak Book is the first comprehensive book with practical trust building information about preventing and solving the number 1 problem people have with companion parrots. As editor/publisher of the Companion Parrot Quarterly, author of the Companion Parrot Handbook, and long time Parrot Psychology columnist for Bird Talk magazine, Sally Blanchard is perhaps the best-known and most highly respected name in the field of companion parrot information. 

With her theory of Nurturing Guidance, Sally Blanchard provides parrot caregivers with a logical, common sense, trust-building approach to maintaining a positive relationship with companion parrots. The highly praised Companion Parrot Handbook gives readers practical information about all aspects of parrot behavior and care. The Beak Book provides readers with extensive information they need to understand and work with aggressive behavior. 

This book is the first volume of the Companion Parrot Behavioral Solution Series. Future volumes will deal with screaming, feather destructive behavior, fear related behaviors, and winning the trust of rescue birds. 

It is unlikely that anyone who first brings a companion parrot into his or her life has the idea that it will be a temporary situation. Unfortunately many parrots do not stay in their homes because their caregivers don't have the information they need to provide the behavioral guidance that keeps them tame. With over thirty years of bird experience and her theory of Nurturing Guidance, Sally Blanchard's practical advice shows you why biting and aggression are actually the easiest behavioral problems to understand, prevent, and solve. Sally Blanchard's long awaited Beak Book will play an instrumental role in keeping reader's parrots in their homes. 

Topics Include:

Articles on Biting and Aggression: 
Too Aggressive to Handle? 
Beak Basics 
The Beak as a Defensive Tool 
Fundamentals of Nurturing Guidance TM 
The Major Companion Parrot Problem 
The Size of the Beak—The Intent of the Bird 
Basics of Biting & Aggressive Behavior 
Be Careful What You Teach Your Parrot 
Biting: The Easiest Problem To Solve 
Dealing with Hard-core Aggression 
Lunge Biting 
Getting Past The Fear 
Testing The Status Quo 
Friendly Bites Still Hurt 
Don't Turn An Incident Into A Pattern 
Small Parrot Aggression 
Parrot-to-Parrot Aggression 
Love Triangles 
Situations With A Potential For Aggressive Behavior: 
Paying Attention 
Overload and the Physiology of Aggression 
Five Rules for Parrots on Shoulders 
One-Person Parrots/Introducing Strangers 
Height Dominance 
Reading Body Language 
Fear as a Cause of Biting 
Understanding Sexual Behavior 
Changes in the Environment 
Begging for a Bite 
Tools For Working With Parrot Aggression : 
Yabbit I've Tried Everything 
Basic Skills to Keep a Parrot Tame 
Picking Up A Parrot 
The Parrot/Human Bond 
Getting the Bond Back 
Neutral Room Training 
Calm Focused Attention 
Using Distractions and Redirection 
Quick-fixes Don't Work 
The Uncooperative Person 
Respect Me - Respect My Parrot 



“I have not yet even finished the book, but it has already been well worth the price. This book has really straightened me out! I thought my parrot, who has been my beloved companion since 1986, was developing behavioral problems. This book has made me accept that these so called problems are my responsibility and that her behavior is a result of my input. I have started thinking about what every action I take teaches her (great examples in the book--like looking in the mirror) and have started patterning more acceptable behavior by becoming more calm and understanding in my dealings with her and by focusing on her more when we are interacting. When incidents occur, I now analyze them and learn from them. The difference is amazing, even from a mature (20ish and going strong) legally imported parrot whose first owners did not appreciate the beautiful friend that she is. To benefit from this book, you need to examine both yourself and your avian companion and take responsibility for creating a positive and trusting relationship. As I felt that our problems were of comparatively recent origin, I was able to see through the examples how recent stresses in my own life had subtly influenced my behavior and my relationship with my parrot. (In the author's terms, perhaps I have "confused" her!) By adjusting my own tone of voice and behavior (always be calm!), I saw an immediate result and our relationship has improved vastly. I really appreciate the author's philosophy and creativity in dealing with avian/human problems, although it was sad to read that many of the people she has counseled were too stubborn or impatient to accept her advice. I look forward to Sally Blanchard's next book.”

“Occasionally my parrot was biting me so I called a rescue organization who recommended this book to me. It is FANTASTIC! I haven't been bitten by my bird since. I learned to respect when my bird was uncomfortable with something and that handling a bird when they're extremely excited can be asking for trouble. I can't say enough good things about this book. BUY IT!”

“If you're looking for an instant formula to solve biting you won't find it here. You will find a lot more. There is plenty of practical advice, but much more thoughtful discussion and anecdote. Sally Blanchard's real gift - and her gift to us - is to teach us how to think about our birds, how to be a careful observer and how to build a mutually trusting relationship with the little creature's we're blessed with (even when we sometimes feel cursed).”

“Instead of letting us flip to the page or paragraph with the quick fix, the book forces us to slow down, listen to, and think about our birds (it starts with a nice little essay on the beak itself) - which is really the first step in building a long-lasting healthy relationship with anyone or anything. I'm sure Sally Blanchard could have been a dynamite therapist, and we and our parrots are lucky she turned her empathic intellect to a relationship in dire need of it - the parrot-human relationship.” 

“This is a great book that explores what part that we, as owners, play in the behavior of our parrot. I loved the illustrations, too. The parrot "expressions" were so accurate that they made me smile.”

“It's as simple as that -- every behavioral problem manifested in pet birds is the result of human behavior. With this book, the first in a projected series, the decades of Sally's empirical wisdom can be yours. Your bird will thank you for it!”

“If you have a parrot you must get this book. It should be standard issue with every pet parrot. Just skimming through the book is a revelation. I'm not finished reading it yet, and it's already made a difference in my relationship with my parrot.”

“If you own a companion parrot you have been bitten once or twice in your life. It goes with the territory. To understand the reasons why and how to prevent it, read this book.  You owe it to your parrot and yourself to have this book on your bookshelf.”


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