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  1. This website is Dedicated to Educating Caregivers about the Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Intellectual and Nutritional Needs of the Parrots in their Lives. 

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Sally Blanchard's
Companion Cockatoos

     114 pages - $18.00

Only available as a .pdf-
not an in-print book



ATTENTION: I am a one-person business and I usually send .pdfs or mail items on Wednesday or Thursday so if your order comes in after these days, it will be sent out the next week. I try to get it out earlier but that is not always possible. Thank you for your order! I have to send out .pdfs, they are not sent automagically. If you e-mail me about your order, please don't put a Paypal hold on an order without giving me a day to answer your e-mail and then send your .pdf to you. If you have any questions  e-mail Sally


Available only as a .pdf publication - not available in print

Table of Contents

 - My Experiences and Theories

    Rows and Rows of Cockatoos  

    The Brownsville Zoo Experience

    Hippy Cockatoo?     

            Sidebar: Screaming and Attention 

            Sidebar: Signs of Illness in Cockatoos

    Heads in the Towels    

    Slowing Down a Cockatoo  

            Sidebar: Nurturing Toweling Techniques

            Sidebar: Techniques for Lowering Your Energy

    Traumatized Cockatoos                                                

    Confusing Two ‘toos  

    At Arm’s Length   

    Dancing Cockatoo  

    Not Nearly as Easy  

            Sidebar: Feather Destructive Behavior  

    Impossible Situations     

    Phobic Behavior   

    Nurturing Submission                                                                  

            Sidebar: Defining Phobic Cockatoos  

    The Importance of Caregiver Consistency 

            Sidebar: Principles of Nurturing Submission  

    Intelligence and Manipulation   

    No Doubt Who is in Charge

    Little Mechanics  

    Wierd Little Games  

    Different Strokes  

            Cartoon: Never, Never Land

CHAPTER TWO - Personality Development

    Developing Cockatoo Personality

    A Horrible Misconception  

    Weaning and Emotional Security      

            Sidebar: Food Begging Behaviors & Insecurity 

    Sadie’s Story  

    A Better Way  

    Myth of Spoiling a Cockatoo Baby  

    The Cockatoo Cuddling Conundrum  

    Patterning Positive Behavior 

    Important Things To Teach Your Bappy Cockatoo  

CHAPTER THREE: Changing Older Cockatoo Behavior  

Working with Wild-caught Cockatoos 

    Losing Friends  

    Working with Second-hand Cockatoos  

            Sidebar: Potential with “New to Me” Cockatoos  

    Time to Teach New Behaviors 

CHAPTER FOUR: Vocalizations - Good and Bad

    Talking on the “In Breathe” 

    Screaming Issues

    Your Scream, I Scream, We all Scream

    Not all Screaming is Bad  

    Making the Walls Reverberate

    Teaching Tricks as Distractions    

    Self-soothing and Comfort Behaviors 

CHAPTER FIVE: Pornothology: Cockatoos and Sex    

    Bonding is Good        

    Taking Away Hard Won Concepts      

    The Optimal Environment and

   The Gray Areas of Sexual Behaviors       

    Breeding Behaviors    

            Sidebar: Sexual and Handling Triggers    

    Behaviors that May be Sexual   

    Think about What Really Needs Changing  

            Sidebar: What a Sexual Bird Looks/Acts Like    

            Cartoon: The Perpetual Petting Machine    

CHAPTER SIX: Health and Social Issues

    Cockatoo Health Concerns                             

    Sidebar: A Nutritious Cockatoo Diet       

    Feather Destructive Behavior    

    The Human Condition and Misconceptions      

    Social Interaction: The Number One Priority      

    Single Cockatoos - Multiple Cockatoos   

    Cockatoo Flocks        

    An Invitation to Play  

    Initiating Play      

    Male versus Female      

    Three Genders of Cockatoos    

        Sidebar: Know your own Cockatoo   

    There are Well-behaved Males    

    Situational Aggression   

    Biting to Communicate   

    Hard-core Aggression    
            Sidebar: Cockatoos on Shoulders  

            Sidebar: The Beak is NOT a Weapon  

            Sidebar: Basic Concepts of Nurturing Guidance   

CHAPTER SEVEN: Quality Nutrition - Fresh Foods      

   Question Anything as a Total Diet       

    Parrot Products vs Pet Industry Products     

            Sidebar: Coverting a Cockatoo to a Nutritious Diet

            Sidebar: Glop Recipe     

    Missing Nutrition                                  

            Sidebar: Do Not Feed These Foods

    Quality Foods to Feed Your Parrot   

            Sidebar: Make your Cockatoo Forage for his Food   

CHAPTER EIGHT: Stories and Philosophies

    A Few of My Favorite Cockatoo Moments 

    A Flock of Flying Cockatoos   

    Arguments and a Middle Ground 

    A Better Understanding   

    The Flip Side       

            Cartoon: So Much Baggage   

CHAPTER NINE: Three Important Articles

    Skippy’s Story                

    Working with Phobic Cockatoos     

    The Small Corellas  

CHAPTER TEN: Basic Personality Profiles  

    Bare-eyed Cockatoo   

    Citron-crested Cockatoo  


    Ducorp’s Cockatoo     

    Goffin’s Cockatoo                

    Greater Sulfur-crested Cockatoo 

    Lesser Sulfur-crested Cockatoo

    Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo   

    Medium Sulfur-crested Cockatoo

    Moluccan Cockatoo   

    Palm Cockatoo  

    Red-vented Cockatoo 

    Rose-breasted Cockatoo 

    Slender-billed Cockatoo   

    Triton Cockatoo  

    Umbrella Cockatoo  

    Cockatoos in the Wild    

A Few Interesting Cockatoo Facts    


Some Cockatoo Humor  


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